High-Tea At One Serambi Cafe

After our lunch at White Brick Oven in Sg. Buloh, we drove to Bukit Jelutong as our friend had invited us to their year-end high tea session.

The session was to start at 3.30pm but we arrived late because of some issues with our car but luckily, it was settled and we finally made it to One Serambi Cafe to meet up the couple and the rest of the guests.
And also a kinda farewell session as they are leaving for London for a year for studies. Good luck Doc Rafidah and enjoy London!

If you follow #medtweetMY, you will know Doc Rafidah is highly active there and really, really popular. She has a lot of useful advice especially for chronic patients and some eye-opening ones about supplements.  She is a doctor since 1996, physician since 2001 and nephrologist (Pakar Buah Pinggang) since 2005.  And she runs a lotttttttt of marathons. 
Son ordered salmon steak that came with potatoes, cherry tomatoes and asparagus.
I ordered the aglio olio salmon. Generous portion and taste quite decent.
Hubby on the other hand, ordered lamb burger.
All smiles before our meal.
We later had some really nice scones.
And platter of fruits to complete the meal.

Despite our big, rather boisterous group, service was good and attentive. Food was good too.

I really, really was full afterwards.

We had a fun time talking, joking and taking photos.

Thank you again, Doc Rafidah & Fuad for inviting us to your high-tea session.

All the best for 2018 and who knows, maybe Hubby and I will drop by for a visit and maybe do that Loch Ness Marathon you guys mentioned. Hehehe

One Serambi Cafe is located at:
Jalan Serambi U8/21, D'Bayu Commercial Centre, Bukit Jelutong
Shah Alam, Malaysia

  • Tel: 03-7734 7700


  1. All the best to Doc Rafidah and Fuad! Safe journey! Salmon and lamb are among my favourite food. Yum yum!

  2. Very nice food. Your doctor friend is so accomplished! Very good that she shares useful advice.

    1. Yes, she is. She quite a prominent doctor. Can always see on TV giving talks too. :)

  3. I absolutely adore people who loves to share their knowledge with everyone. I will check that site. Lina, Oh Lina, are you trying to kill me with those scrumptious looking food ke ..spaghetti aglio olio, salmon, lamb - my favorites

    1. The #medtweetMY team shares a lot of medical knowledge.
      Via twitter and through their official FB pages.
      It's certainly an eye opener and good knowledge.


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