A Working Breakfast At Ted Boy Bakery

We had to send Son early to school on Saturday as he needed to prepare for the school's festival with his school mates.

I had an appointment later that day in PJ and I also had a few deadlines to meet and Hubby didn't want to go back and forth traveling 30+km (one way) on that same morning for Son and then for me.
So after sending our Son to school, we lepaked at Ted Boy Bakery in Bangsar for breakfast and I could finish some work while waiting for my appointment a few hours later.

Thank goodness Ted Boy Bakery is open early! It's open from 7.30am to 10.00pm daily.
Hubby and I chose English Breakfast. For RM35.00 it comes with coffee of our choice and a glass of cloudy apple juice. Good deal lah.

It was an even better deal because there's a 10% off when we paid using our Standard Chartered Bank credit card.

Food was good. Coffee was great. Staff were awesome and tentative, even at early in the morning. Hehe

We had our breakfast and after we were done, we lepaked there, sipping our coffee slowly while I tried to finish my work.


  1. I always patronize those cafes or coffee shops that open early. I don't have patience or time waiting for others to open. Hehe.

    Nice breakfast date with your hubby. ^^

  2. A busy life right? Love the new word "lepaked". Hahaha!

    1. It's nice to always have things to do. LOL

  3. That was a very good breakfast! I love it when eateries open early.

    1. Yes!
      Otherwise had to resort to mcd or mamak.

  4. The English breakfast looks good. Got 10% off from holding and using Stan Chart cards is a good deal too.


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