Report Card Day And Durians

Saturday was Son's school open day and both Hubby & I went to the school's open day to meet his teacher and sign his report card.

So far, we're fine with his results - not bad for a boy who doesn't attend tuition classes and depended on his teachers and their extra classes for his studies. With their help, he managed to even get a great PT3 results last year, remember?
Apart from that, there is something special at the school.

PIBG had arranged for a durian vendor from Raub to come and sell durian at the school!
The price ranges from RM8 - RM12/kg for kampung durian/D24 and they were really nice and certainly didn't break the bank.

Students on duty were able to enjoy the durians as a treat too. How nice of PIBG.

We didn't buy a lot because we had lots of stuff to do and places to run around so I didn't want to leave all those durians in the car for too long. Such a pity.


  1. The school so good to have vendor come over and sell durian! That is first for me. Lol. And nice of school to treat the kids durian.

    1. Great way to ensure attendance of parents! LOL

  2. Wow! Unbelievable that the PIBG invited durian vendors to sell durians! I love this school very much.

    I have shared your son's success without tuition with so many kiasu parents who complained how much time and money they had to invest for the children's tuition. One even takes almost 8 subjects!

  3. Ah, I see durians! I want to eat them every day due to the low price but did not manage to do so because of other commitments. Haizzzz....


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