They Came & They Conquered The BDB Extreme Jitra Kedah 2018

BDB Challenge 2018 was back for its third edition and this time, with BDB Extreme in Jitra, Kedah on 30th June 2018 and I traveled to Jitra, Kedah for it.

BDB Extreme Jitra is an obstacle race where participants need to complete 10 obstacle challenges through its 8km course.

The route took participants running around Bandar Darulaman and Darulaman Park and participants got to enjoy running on tarmac (road), trail and even in water (lake).

The 10 obstacles  at BDB Extreme Jitra 2018 were:
  • Monkey bar
  • A Frame & Cargo Net
  • Tyres Wall
  • A Frame Wall Crossing
  • Mud Hills
  • Lake Run
  • Commando Crawl
  • Tyres Backhoe
  • Balance Beam 
  • Ninja Climb
A few hundred participants along with staff of Bina Darulaman Berhad came and conquered the challenges and they were flagged off in five waves.

First off was the elite category and participants in this category were entitled to have a shot to win the prizes for podium placing. Those who were in this category were called for a briefing before the start of the race so that they know the rules and to avoid being DQed during the course. Of course, being in the elite category meant those who were in this category were strictly monitored to adhere and complete all obstacles without assistance.

There are other categories but the other categories weren't entitled for prizes so they had a more relaxed rules and be allowed to not complete any obstacle after trying.

While the participation wasn't massive, I feel that those who had joined BDB Extreme Jitra 2018 were all good sport in trying to complete the course. Good job!
One of the elites going through The Tyre Wall obstacle.
The Commando Crawl. 

Due to the dry season, participants were spared from getting all muddy when they went through this obstacle and a few others.

But interestingly, most participants remarked that it would have been more fun with mud. Not that the organiser didn't try to give them mud, but all the water had dried off by the time participants were flagged off on Saturday!
Mud Hills - the hills were there sans the mud. But it still gave participants plenty of challenge to got through it!
The Balance Beam that came next was tricky as it could be slippery after a muddy Hill Climb but no participants slipped into the muddy water below. Well, no one when I was there.
The A Frame Wall Crossing gave what the participants wanted earlier and that was mud. Plenty of it! Sure enough, participants were happily going in the mud and climbing up the wall.

They later were able to kinda clean up all the mud at The Lake Run obstacle.
Among all the obstacles that the participants had to go through, it seems outwardly, most enjoyed The Lake Run which was the second last obstacle in Extreme Jitra 2018.
I was also impressed at the determination and camaraderie shown by most participants (male and female alike) to complete the second last obstacle, The Ninja Climb.
And The Ninja Climb was the last obstacle that participants needed to challenge during the obstacle race! Although, from what I observed, a more systematic way to let participants try (and retry) this obstacle would be better and fair for everyone who waited patiently for their chance to climb it.

Apart from the obstacle course race, BDB had also organised other activities for the morning at Darulaman Park such as:
  • Coloring Contest For Kids
  • Buskers Performances
  • and even a Lucky Draw Session for participants with cool prizes such as Inov8 shoes, Nathan Trail Hydration pack, 2XU Socks, UD Adventure Vest and even Flight Vouchers From Firefly and also Firefly Merchandises.
For me, I do feel that BDB Extreme Jitra is a good event and a nice event to introduce Jitra to fitness enthusiasts all around Malaysia and not just in the Northern area.

I myself visited Jitra, Kedah for the first time last Saturday and it was because of this BDB Extreme Jitra. It was so easy to travel to Jitra from Kuala Lumpur, using KTM's train service, ETS.

I am not sure whether there will be another edition for 2019, but BDB's effort to promote its brand name and also the township is laudable and should be continued. In time, I believe that the obstacle race can be on par with international brand names such as Viper or Spartan.

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  1. Wow, what a challenging event, dear! xoxo

    1. Challenging but lots of fun too. 😀


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