Breakfast For Two At Marjorina Cafe

It was Sunday and Hubby & I  just spent a couple of hours in Hulu Langat while I took some pictures of marathoners at KM25 of Hulu Langat Marathon.

I told hubby earlier that I wanted to enjoy a "hipster" breakfast at a cafe and instead of going to the ones we normally go, we went on a whim and drove around Taman Prima Saujana area to look for a cafe that's open at 10.00am.
We stumbled upon one! It's Marjorina Cafe located in Jalan Prima Saujana 2E.

The cafe staff were outside, one was washing a table top fan, a couple were standing outside and there were some cats loitering about. Pet cats with collars and were fed with kibbles and milk. 

So the environment looked pretty promising to us and we went inside.
We arrived just as it was opened at 10.00am. Lucky us. 

Looking at the operating hours, we now know where to "lepak" if I suddenly have cravings for a good cup of cappuccino and not in mood to go to McD. 
Marjorina Cafe has quite an extensive menu plus a pretty nice cake selections too.
The ambiance was rather nice.
We ordered cappuccino (RM9.50) for me and latte (RM9.50) for hubby.
We both ordered the "Eat Like A Boss" breakfast set (RM21.00).

I really like this and it's very filling; only grouch would be the scrambled egg tasted too buttery. They put quite a lot of butter in it.

Service was friendly and fast and the place started to fill up with other diners just as we waited for our order.

I'd certainly will consider coming here again and maybe for lunch.


  1. Both of you really ate like real bosses! So big plates!

  2. Cumil jua ada basikal. Wow tu breakfast nyum. Bila la se mo turun kl lagi ni.

  3. Wah betul2 makan like a boss! The serving looks huge. I dislike too much butter too.

  4. That is one good "eat like a boss" breakfast to me.

  5. The price of the coffee is good. That is scrambled eggs? From the photos, I thought it was smashed potatoes.

  6. Good food.
    Cute menu names.
    Affordable price.
    Indeed a good meal. :)


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