A Night In Hakodate At HakoBA Hakodate - The Share Hotels

We visited Hokkaido in September last year and one of the cities we visited on the island was Hakodate. Apart from Hakodate, we spent some nights in Sapporo, Asahikawa and Abashiri during our short trip there.

More trip reports of our September 2018 Hokkaido trips can be read here.

I just realised that I have yet blogged about the hotels or inns that we stayed during our trips there.
For Hakodate, we stayed at HakoBA Hakodate - The Share Hotels.

The hotel is located about 2 km from JR Hakodate station and just a few stops if you take the tram. It is also less than 1 km away from the ropeway station to go up to Mount Hakodate.

With several restaurants and eateries nearby, including the Lucky Pierrot, and a nice view of the marina, the hotel is a nice place to spend the night in.

It has several different rooms and dormitory options: 
  • For private rooms, they have Standard Double & Twin, Junior Suite that come with private bathrooms.
    Then there's the option with shared bathrooms - Loft (for a group of 6), Bunk Beds 4 (for a group of 4) and Bunk Beds 2 (for twp pax).
  • The hotel also has Mixed Dorm option.
    A separate private bath (limited to one hour of use per person) is available for those staying in a room with co-use showers, so families with children can make use without worry.
The hotel has a modern brick style and 85 year-old vintage buildings that symbolizes the town of Hakodate​. Very nice place for an OOTD shoot.

We booked a Standard Twin room and it was around USD70 per room, and we booked it through Hotels.com.

We bought the Tram 1-day pass so we hopped on the tram to get to the hotel on our first day, but we decided to walk to the train station after we checked-out from the hotel.
Our room access card.

Checking-in was easy because the staff spoke really good English. Better than mine, as a matter of fact and they do have international staff at the reception counter too.
Our Standard Twin room. We were very pleasantly surprised with the size of the room and the interior.

Some of my friends had remarked about the sleeping gown - yes, the hotel provides sleeping gown (as do other hotels that we've stayed in, around Japan).

Very, very comfy bed.
Some chairs to relax in, and TV in our room.
They have a very modern bathroom.
And love, love, love the shower.

All basic amenities are available for use.

But instead of soaking in the tub after our hike up to Mount Hakodate that day, we went to a nearby onsen for our soak.
These wooden cups and saucers are fun to use. They are surprisingly light too!

We also checked out the public spaces in both our wing and the dormitory wing.
There are art showcase around the hotel, featuring a collection of paintings and photographs by local artists. The hotel has a book lounge for guests to relax and read books about the area.
The Playroom is a fun place to chill out and relax with friends, with hammock and beans bags scattered around.

There is also a shared rooftop kitchen, it was nice and well-equipped. We didn't take any photos there because there were a few guests who were having their breakfast and we didn't want to make them comfortable.
The rooftop terrace is also a nice place to chill out and have your meal. It comes with a great view of the marina (it was overcast the morning we were there) and the famous Hakodate's slopes.

Try walking up those slopes and it may be only a few hundred metres, but your calves can get a hell of a workout.
For us, our room comes with breakfast and we had it at the cafe located on the ground floor.

Some bread with a selection of jams, salad, freshly pressed orange juice and coffee.

It was indeed a nice stay and pity we didn't spend more than 1 night there as we had planned to travel to other parts of Hokkaido too.

For those visiting Hakodate, and maybe for those planning to join Hakodate Marathon in July (registration opens on Feb 25, 2019), HakoBA Hakodate - The Share Hotels may be a choice for you.

The course will pass by the hotel at around KM15 mark for the half marathon and approaching KM20 or so for full marathon so it will be nice for friends and family to cheer you up at the hotel.


  1. In my travel bucket. Wonder when I can visit Japan.

  2. wow! this hotel really looks nice. will definitely stay here if I ever visit Hakodate. I love the view from the roof terrace.

    1. It's a nice place and doesn't cost a bomb too.

  3. The wooden cups are a joy to watch. I wonder how hot coffee taste like in one of them. :)

    1. I drank hot green tea only in them that time. Hehe

  4. Very nice hotel! The Japanese do think of everything = the sleeping gown was a nice surprise.

    1. Pretty standard item in most hotels. I kinda expected it at each hotel stay we booked in Japan. :)

  5. You have always booked very good hotels with value for money rooms! I must engage you to be my booking sifu next time.

    1. But after paying me commission, it won't be cheap anymore! LOL


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