Too Good A Deal For adidas Energy Boost At Sports Direct Fair, Mid Valley

A friend commented in Facebook, "once boost always boost" - Obert Ariff

We stumbled upon the Sports Sports fair last Friday at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. We had dinner at Mid Valley and Hubby mentioned he wanted to visit Why Pay More outlet to look for a new pair of shoes. As luck would have it, Sports had their sports fairs (today is the last day) and we decided to check it out.

I wasn't really interested in anything until I noticed the very familiar and striking adidas Boost shoes boxes stacked up at the shoes section.
This is an Aug 2017 model of Energy Boost! At a mere RM215.20.

adidas shoes doesn't come cheap so whenever I see a bargain, it's hard for me to pass up the chance to get a new pair.

My last purchase was two Energy Boost (of the same colour) in March last year so I do need a new pair pretty soon.

So despite no plans yet to get a new pair of running shoes, I didn't hesitate to buy it. Because it is indeed a bargain!
Anyway, apart from getting a new pair of shoes, we were pretty happy at getting this goodie bags too, simply by registering at the registration counter.


  1. Yes, definitely must buy when there are bargains for the items that are useful to us. Very satisfied when got a good deal too.

  2. I have a thing for sports shoes even though I don't do sports. I wear for decoration only hah..hah...

    1. They are comfy and they look great too, right? 😀

  3. Yeah~I love Adidas shoes as most of my shoes are of these 3 strips. Guess you know best right? :)

  4. Nice buy, Lina! Love outlet shopping too. Popping by to wish you Happy Valentine's Day, babe! xoxo


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