A Relaxing Buffet Dinner At D'Aura Cafe & Steamboat

Two Fridays ago, we visited D'Aura Cafe & Steamboat located in Taman Pinggiran Putra, Seri Kembangan.
We went there straight after we picked up Son (who went to his friend's house for a study group) and after I finished work.

Fortunately, traffic wasn't so bad and we got there just after Maghrib.
We were pleasantly surprised by the cafe's decor.

This place is definitely great for a romantic dinner!
Anyhoo, we were there to try their dinner buffet promotion - which is priced RM33 for dinner. There's also breakfast and lunch buffets available, priced at RM16.50 and RM22 per adult respectively.

Quite decently priced, I might add.
Photo by Propa Rangers
When we got there, we also learned that there is a Meet & Greet session with SCORR Band. What luck!

They are popular with songs:

  • Bila Hati Dah Sayang
  • Tanya Sama Hati
  • Janji Tinggal Janji 
  • Hari Hari Aku Rindu
  • Sudikah Kau Menjadi Kekasihku
  • Janji Kasih Dilupai
When they arrived, they actually were seated at the table behind us!

Back to the food selection...
The buffet line.
Apart from rice, there's also fried mee.

D'Aura Cafe & Steamboat doesn't serve food at the buffet line in big batches but the staff constantly topped-up each serving dishes so that's cool.
Fried butter prawns. Yummms.
Beef rendang.

I like this.
Ayam masak merah.
Fried chicken wings.
There's also salad served.
Something for the kids, fries and fried calamari.

I ate A LOT of the fried calamari. Hehehe
Ulam, fruits and sandwiches. There're also cakes and ice creams to keep any sweet tooth happy.

Coffee, tea and cordial drinks are also available.
Let's tuck in!


With soft background music and an intimate atmosphere, D'Aura Cafe & Steamboat has got to be one of the most relaxing buffet dinner I've been to.

Good food at decent price and the cafe is very Instagrammable. Cantik, I tell you.

It would've been nice to enjoy our dinner longer and chat with SCORR band but Son was tired so we decided to head back home before the session. It wouldn't been nice to "kacau" the band while they were eating, right?

D'Aura Cafe & Steamboat can cater to all sorts of events, be it birthdays, anniversaries, gatherings... D'Aura also has homestay, spa and saloon so they can provide an all-inclusive package for any celebrations.

Just check out their Facebook page: dauraspasaloncafehomestay for more details and ideas.

D'Aura Cafe & Steamboat is located at:
C-6-g, Putra Walk, Jln PP25, Taman Pinggiran Putra, Sek 2 (18.87 km)
43300 Seri Kembangan
Tel:011-1092 3832 


  1. Look like a nice place for buffet dinner. Beef rendang, ayam masak mearh, I want that!!

  2. Very worth it! Boleh datang lagi :)

  3. Great value for money! Calamari and beef rendang look tasty!

  4. Looks like really value for money. The calamari is really tempting. Ha :D


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