Our Chinese New Year Durian Binge

I managed to get some very cheap durians with the help of my sister and we dropped by to another sister's house to collect them during the CNY holiday.
Part of our stash. For 3 of us. 

And  most importantly, it didn't break the bank. I just paid an equivalent of a pasta meal at Plan B for these stash. Cheap, right? Hehehe
The next day, I had these which was thoughtfully packed by my sister for brunch.

It was durian that my Dad had gotten from Orang Asli in Raub. Delicious!

I need to finish them fast as Hubby is complaining about the durian smell that kinda escaped from the packing and filled up the fridge. It's not even that strong but he said everything will taste like durian later. Hahaha


  1. Wah, so nice, got eat durian! I have not started eating durian in 2019 yet. My spouse is also like that, will say the durian smell will affect other food taste but is nice mah, the durian smell.

    1. ANd this was my first durian for 2019! Well worth my wait hehe

  2. Oh my....I had a few durians...but I did not dare to binge. It is too heaty, isn't it? :D

  3. What a feast! Tasted durian last month, or it is last year? Can't remember. Not so crazy about the fruit. Lol.

  4. Syioknya! I can skip lunch or dinner and just eat durians!


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