Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Weekend Before School Opens

Two weeks of school holiday went by so fast! School's open now and no more holidays until end-of August!

We had planned to go to Cherating for the school holiday but the hotel we wanted to go to was fully booked. Well, it kinda a blessing in disguise (in terms of saving $$$, that is) because we instead booked our flight tickets for our two-weeks' year-end holiday! That holiday will need a lot of $$$ and we have to save a lot for it! 

We went to the zoo earlier and last week, we went to the movies to watch Kung Fu Panda 2. Our initial plan was to watch it at GSC Gardens on Friday but only seats right in front of the screen were left! So, we promised Raimie we watch it later. To be safe, we booked the tickets online and watch it at TGV Cheras Selatan on Saturday instead.
Totally entertaining movie. For those yet to watch it, I highly recommend you to watch it. Plenty of laughter and some teary moments too. Good fun. :)

After watching the movie, we had lunch over at Ichiban Ramen.
I had spicy chicken ramen. I'd either choose this or kimchi ramen when we eat at this place.
Zaini had beef ramen.
and Raimie ate cold soba
My siblings and I decided to buy a TV for our dad for Father's Day, so it was the next agenda after lunch. Nothing too expensive though, just a small TV for him but I do hope he'll like it.

Then, we went to Putrajaya and stopped by my Sis' place. We were there for a couple of hours before going to Alamanda Mall because I wanted to check out the sports store there. Didn't find the running shorts that I had seen at Nike store in Mid Valley at Alamanda store (I was hoping to buy it on weekends to take advantage of Maybank's AMEX 5% cashback promotion on weekends) so I supposed I have to buy it either at Mid Valley or Gardens instead.

Then, for dinner - we head to Taman Warisan Pertanian and made a beeline to the food court there.
ABC for Raimie
and sate Kajang for everyone! Nothing too funky like rabbit or venison or tripe sate this time. Just some beef and chicken sate for us. ^^

So how was your weekend?


  1. Watched Kung-Fu Panda last weekend - loved it! Plenty of humor and more in-depth this time.

    Other than that, it was a very laid-back weekend :)

  2. i watched kungfu panda too, n like you mentioned, it was awesome! we had such a great time with it. ah, that sounds like such a fun holiday, how i longed to be part of it! :p

  3. My daughter and Daddy watched Kung Fu Panda by themselves and enjoyed it.

  4. i'd love to watch KFP but my hubby was not keen of watching it, so instead we watched XMen 1st class. i love the awesome effects. If you liked the previous X-Men films, i think you will love First Class.

  5. @sriyany,
    Nice to have a laid-back weekend. :)

  6. @levian,
    Kung Fu Panda 2 is great, right? Thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

  7. @jellybelly,
    You didn't join them?

  8. @LR,
    You should go watch Kung Fu Panda. It is really good. :)

    And I should go watch X Men too. ^^

  9. They have a sports shop at Alamanda? Now that one I haven't been too, must go this weekend ... hehehe ...

    Be a member at World of Sports and you can get discounts of up to 20% for any of their products, and if there's a sale, you still qualify for the sale discounts plus the membership discounts which is a heck of a lot. Imagine you can buy an Adidas there with their discounts and get it cheaper than buying at Adidas stores itself, go figure :D

    These days I buy most of my stuff there, they carry most of the brands so it's actually a good deal :D

  10. @Nick,
    Alamanda got Nike store & Al-Ikhwan stores but not big store lah...

    I seldom got WOS, always prefer Royal Sports House. But if got discount, for sure I change one! LOL

  11. Looks like you had a fun day!! Love Kungfu Panda 2!! : D

  12. Eh,where you going for the year end holiday? Japan?

  13. I prefer to go holidays during non peak periods like when school children are still schooling and people still working haha!!

  14. Ooh! Sate kajang!! I like!! And I like their ABC too : )

  15. @foong,
    our year-end holiday? Where else? XD

    I used to go holiday during non-peak season too, but no more now. Pay through the nose during school holiday going holiday anywhere. @.@

  16. That beef ramen looks delicious.

  17. The noodles look great. I love spicy chicken ramen.

  18. @Toshogu,
    It was good. :)

  19. @TheGhost,
    Hi 5! I love spicy chicken ramen too! :)

  20. i have not watched Kungfu Panda yet, and in fact have been so tied up with my assignments till i really do have find extra time for entertainment.. :(

  21. oh, that spicy chicken ramen looks really good!! but recently i think i've been quite sensitive to spicy food, even nasi lemak or curry laksa will get me down in the toilet :(

  22. hahaha, rabbit and venison sate?? i actually have not tried them before.. in fact have not been having satay for quite some time too..

  23. Ohhh... I was actually told my husband to bring my girl to watch Kung Fu Panda ths Sat, guess I hv to cancel the initial plan....... I'm going instead, muahahaha!

    LOL, always enjoy seeing your boy makan, can see he really has love for food!^^

  24. @SK,
    Poor you. What happen to your tummy?
    And so busy now... well, better concentrate on the studies and assignment and can enjoy later after finishing it! Right? *^-^*

  25. @Alice,
    You should definitely go watch Kung Fu Panda 2! Sayang to miss it. It was fun. And the little sprouts would love it too. :)

  26. The ramen dishes look good.

    Nice! Your dad has a new toy. hehe..

    Making preparations for your annual Japan trip?

  27. @HappySurfer,
    Preparations in progress. :)

  28. Ooh la la! You're getting me all excited too. You're not going to the Fukushima area, are you? Best to keep a distance away. I'm sure you and your hubs know what's best. In the meantime, enjoy the prepping.

  29. @HappySurfer,
    Do you know where Fukushima is?

    We are going to Shikoku. How far is it between Fukushima and Shikoku? ^^



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