Wednesday, 9 November 2011

High Fibre And Clear Colon

and no more nasi lemak breakfast for me! Well, I still indulge in them (and roti canai too) once in a while but nowadays, for 5 days a week; it's muesli breakfast for me. My favourite mixture? The ones with a lot of seeds and nuts. I find myself not really liking those with too sweet a mixture so dried fruits are out.

A banana right after I wake up and then a bowl of muesli and I sure have a clear and healthy colon afterward! I tell you, it really can clear up with these two food! heh heh


  1. oh, the dorset muesli!! i've been a loyal fans of that since 7-8 years back!! have been having muesli+yoghurt for breakfast everyday..

  2. very true, this really gives a good digestive system, always "smooth" and healthy, haha~~ :D

  3. i love those with lots of fruits and nuts, just not too plain with only the rolled oats.. but then they are getting more and more expensive :(

  4. i used to buy that 1kg pack at RM15.90 last time, but they don't have this packaging now, all become nicely boxed set, less but more expensive..

  5. Wah! Suddenly so healthy? : D

  6. I like muesli!! With lots of seeds and nuts. Don't mind the dried fruits too! : )

  7. @SK,
    Wah! You've been eating them for so long! So loyal.

    Yeah, eating this really makes "my deposit" all "nice" and smooth. LOL

    I wish it can be a bot cheaper because I do really like this brand's mixture but now am paying between RM15.90 - RM20.90 for a box of 560g. :(

  8. @foong,
    Old already. Better take care of myself (and my digestive system) haha

    Seriously, now that I'm running more and more, I really am starting to be more careful of the food I take. xD

  9. eating healthy eh? :P

    I am surposed to eat muesli for breakfast too... haven't start yet due to the other tempting food. haha...

    Looks like I have to look up to you as my model and change my unhealthy lifestyle.

  10. @ECL,
    Only breakfast healthy then unhealthy all day long. I don't cook much, and eat out a lot. Where got healthy, like that? xD

  11. Congratulations! I'm trying to eat healthy too. For the most part I'm succeeding but sometimes the craving is just too much, I give in then. Better feed the craving than have it lingering :)

  12. @Jellybelly,
    It's good to give in to cravings once in a while, as a treat for us, right? :)

    Saying that, I need my Mars bar now. ;p



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