Food "Loading"

People talk about carbo-loading before a marathon and here I am, loading myself with Malaysian food before our vacation.

Had Nasi Lemak for breakfast five days in a row in place of my usual muesli (and managed to gain 1kg because of it) huh!

Dinners for the week had been either tomyum, curry or masak lemak. Lots of curries. I love my curries but I can't indulge in them much, especially if I plan to do an evening run that day.
We had Pan Mee last night. Raimie and I had the dry ones and Zaini had the soup ones. It had been so long since we last ate pan mee and it taste sooooooo good especially with the sauce. Oh gosh! I'm making myself hungry again! LOL

I may be eating a lot of non-Malaysian fare while I'm in Malaysia but you know, I'll start having a hankering for sambal belacan once I'm out of this country! *^-^*


  1. hahaha.... before going on an overseas trip, you eat lots of your Malaysian favourites, after returning from the trip you will eat more too. Can gain weight orh. :P

  2. wow, that dry pan mee is more fattening than the soup one.. once a while is ok lah, haha~~ :D

  3. so does that mean you don't prefer "local" food.. when you are in malaysia you eat non-malaysian food, when you are overseas, you prefer malaysian food than the local one :D

  4. @ECL,
    Hopefully all the weight gain will be gone with all the walking we are going to do in the next two weeks! xD

  5. @SK,
    Alamak! There goes my diet! LOL

    It's not that we don't prefer local food, but since it's easily cooked or bought here, we just get more excited to eat non-local food. But going overseas, definitely hard to find Malaysian food, right? Psychological effect lah, I suppose. xD

  6. Haha.. Usually it's like that I think.. When we're in our own country, we want to leave but once we're in some other country, we wish to be home or at least to have some authentic Malaysian food.. Haha..

  7. @Bella,
    What you mentioned is so totally true!

    I've known plenty of Chinese friends who will talk in BM when they are overseas just so others around them wouldn't understand what they are talking about. Interesting kan? ^^

  8. When's your trip? Have fun and just eat whatever you want, you can always burn it off when you get back :-)

  9. @Nick,
    Next Tuesday! :)

    Going to Japan,I don't actually worry too much about eating. I usually lose weight there despite eating like there's no tomorrow! xD

  10. me too! nowadays i keep eating malaysian cuisine as if i have no chance for it anymore. but it's nice after all, hard to resist it!


  11. @FiSh,

    Nice to enjoy our own cuisine, sometimes we indulge more than we should. ^^

    Wish your Dad a Happy retirement! :)

  12. Five days of nasi lemak - I certainly can identify with that. At one time I was eating roti canai (roti banjir, yum!) everyday for many days. And drinking teh tarik too.

    I didn't know there is halal pan mee. Awesome!

  13. @HappySurfer,
    Halal pan mee - those in food courts certified Halal are halal. ^^

  14. You're making me hungry :) My favorite Malaysian dish is Char Kway Teow. It's so yummy!

  15. @Jellybelly,
    Char kway teow is yummy. And soooooo sinful. ;)


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