It's Been A While

since we last made ourselves comfortable at a bookshop and browse/read or even buy books.
Mommy's been crazy about running. Daddy loves his foldie bike. Raimie is busy with his netbook and games.

So it was really nice to do this once in a while. Spending hours at a bookshop (since libraries are rather hard for us to visit) and make a few purchases afterwards.

Raimie's Mommy has a new genre that she likes to read now - she reads anything and everything about.... what else? Running, of course!

Anyway, both Zaini and I need to buy Raimie more Malay books. He would've gotten straight As in his year-end exam but for one paper. A "C" for Bahasa Melayu Penulisan! Imagine that! Please do better next time, OK Son?


  1. yeah, i think sometimes it's good that everyone just let go of their obsession for a time being in order to get together with the family doing some common activities..

  2. huhuhu!! this gadis is getting more and more obsessed about running.. wow, those who would read the books in the area of their interest are just no-jokingly serious!! so when are you expecting a real medal in your marathon run??

  3. OMG!! "C" for his Karangan?? hmmm, i remember i got C for the same subject in my UPSR too (haha, that's so long ago!! and C back then is equivalent to B now) else i can get straight As..

  4. @SK,
    Yeah, and this is one activity that everyone in the family can do and enjoy. :)

    I better read up on running so I can be more informed mah. I'm planning to do my half marathon by June next year and I need to have a structured training as I can't join any running club or anything similar. xD

    Yeah, can you believe it. C!!! Everything else can score, except that one. WHat a blemish to his record. huhuhu

  5. I've been buying loads and loads of running magazines and haven't even read some of them yet. The wife and me do the same thing when we hit bookstores, look for running and fitness mags.

  6. @Nick,
    Aiyoh, got so much reading materials at your home, can I come over and read them too. Running magazines and books are not cheap! @.@

  7. ya, I would love to read too..

  8. Bookshops are my fav haunts.

    Awww, about Raimie's subject. At least he didn't get an 'F', if it's any consolation. Cheer up!

  9. @HappySurfer,
    I think even the teachers would have problem if he gets an F for anything. He's one of the top student in his Year! ;p

    Well, both him and us will try better to make sure he improves on his BM (of all subjects, @.@)


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