Report Card Day And Going On Stage For A Prize

School holiday is here! 

And before the school ended for the year, we parents had to go to school for the school's open day and sign our children's report card. Needed to go to school to collect the RM100 given by the "esteemed" government for each student too.
Raimie's report card was signed two weeks ago. Not much issue with him and while we do wish he can finally wrestle the top spot from his fellow classmate's iron-grip, he maintained a no. 2 spot (yet again) this year. The only issue his class teacher had was the fact that Raimie is a quiet boy. But since his Mommy and Daddy are  pretty quiet themselves too (in front of teachers, anyway), we weren't too fussed about that. Try listening to him at home and you'll probably want him to shut up! LOL

The day after UPSR results was announced, his school held the "Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan".

Raimie's is entering Standard Four next year. My, how the time flies.


  1. nowadays the report cards need to be collected by parents personally.. last time we just brought back home, parents signed and we brought back to school..

  2. but i guess this way is good, a chance for the teacher to meet up and chat with the parents..

  3. wow!! well done raimie, he is the second top!! good enough lah, don't force him that much.. i still remember i got 1st in standard 1, 2nd in standard 2, and then out of top 3 for the rest of the years.. hahaha!!

  4. and oh, you are going to japan soon!! very soon~~ how nice >.<

  5. So, you went through the same crap of having to go up a stage just to collect the 100 bucks bribe? LOL! Same here la, or rather, the poor wife had to do it.

  6. Hahah,just like my son No 2 yet again, please say Hi to Raimie for me,will ya,tell him that uncle Eugene is so proud of him,telling to keep working hard,studying smart,just one day, the No 1 spot shall belong to him, to that I am confident..

  7. @SK,
    Last time, I always get my Dad to sign my report card the morning when I need to pass it back. ;)

    Now, no choice have to go to school and sign it. But yes, it is good to make parents meet up with teachers. Last time, I think my Dad went to school only to send me on my first day at Standard 1 and first day at Form 1 (when I entered boarding school)!

    So terer lah you, SK! Every year also got "podium" finish. :) Hope that Raimie don't get number 4 in Standard 4! xD

  8. @Nick,
    Good thing at Raimie's school there was no VIP hell bent on giving speeches. xD

    Zaini just went to Raimie's class, collect the money from the class teacher, settled next year fees and head back to work. No need to waste time.

  9. @eugene,
    Told Raimie you said hi and all your encouragement. He was happy to hear it. Thanks. :)

    Your son is doing great too! :)

  10. Proud moment for Mommy and Daddy :) Congrats Raimie!


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