I'm Always Hungry!

Lately, I'm always hungry and if I'm not careful; despite the mileage I put on each week with my running shoes, I'll end up  being heavier than before I started running.
I used to be have problem finishing this burger and nowadays, I finish them off without any help from my hubby. 

So to keep the hunger pangs at bay, I'm choosing (or trying to choose) healthier food and not just any random, fat-bursting, cheap food options.

No more nasi lemak for breakfasts (except maybe once or twice a month) and the same goes for roti canai too. More muesli, oats and fruits.

For lunch, I choose more vegetables too. Been taking a lot of tempe for my protein intake too lately.

Dinners meant something lighter but I am guilty of not being able to stay away from my usual Mamak curry. Hey! I just run more after those curry indulgence (and suffer heartburn doing it) LOL
and this... some random photo of a pasta dish I cooked after my IOI Community Run last week. Pasta with tomato sauce and canned sardines.  I devoured this within minutes. HUNGRY!!!! 


  1. it's great to hv good appetite.

  2. i think it's not uncommon given the reason that the more you run the higher the metabolism rate in yourself, hence you get hungry faster..

  3. and also maybe your fat has turned into lean muscle, that is why you weigh heavier than before.. wow, gadis ni the more you run the slimmer you are huh?? (nope, and i never said you loose weight :p)

  4. ooopsss, sinful sinful food!! but second thought, after having them you have more motivation to run more because of feeling guilty right?? so it's ok to indulge a little also lah, because you run more at nett.. hahaha!! :D

  5. i was wondering what that piece of thing on the pasta, hahaha!! so it's sardine yeah?? errr, why not try tuna, it's healthier lah~~

  6. @wenn,
    but too good, also not good. Can gain weight. xD

  7. @SK,
    Pandai boy! You didn't say I lose weight. You have been taking notes. ;)

    Yeah, not much weight lost but I'm down a size or two already. ^^

    Canned sardines is always stocked in my kitchen. Tuna isn't. ^^

  8. I normally can't finish a burger like that so I hardly order it but that sardine pasta dish seriously looks yummy! I love sardines, that's why. LOL

    Fried tempe is my fav too though everything in moderation is a safe bet. You know what? Even tough soy is supposed to keep one youthful, too much of that can increase the chance of cancer according to a doctor who gave a talk I attended on breast cancer. Have you read an email circulating sometime ago about a lady who finally knew why she was having tumours so often? She discovered that it was the soy products she has been taking. Everything on her daily diet was soy-based. Of course, she must have been on soy for a long time to cause such an effect.

    The reason why soy is not so good in excess is because it is close to the female hormone, estrogen, which keeps women youthful. Female hormones are produced in the ovaries. The good doctor also shared that anyone going for hysterectomy would do well to also remove the ovaries because by doing so, the chance of getting cancer would dip from 95 to 5%. Quite insightful talk that one, attended by a good number of men too.

    Also, anyone with arthritis or rheumatism should try to greatly reduce or totally avoid soy products. Someone I know who has rheumatoid arthritis vouch for that. She totally abstains from soy products.

    SK, I'd go for sardines rather than tuna because the latter has higher mercury content. But then again our oceans are getting more polluted so all marine life has got traces of heavy metal. Perhaps no more than 3/4 times per week is recommended.

    My two cents.

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  9. You're running quite a lot these days and your body needs to be refueled hence the hunger pangs, as long as you don't over indulge, you'll be fine :D

  10. @HappySurfer,
    Things good for you should be taken in moderation. Good things an be bad too when it is overdone. xD

  11. @Nick,
    Sometimes, it's hard to put the limit between indulging and over indulging. Same thing with training hard and over training! XD

    Have fun tomorrow at Nike Run. I'll be running around at home, feeling mighty jealous of you, you VIP you! LOL

  12. Likewise, I've been eating like nobody's biz. This is bad. I need to maintain! XD

  13. @maslight,
    But you are so fit looking already! :)

  14. All this running and exercising is giving you a good appetite, hope not more weight. :P

    You are so disciplined. I have to learn from you.

  15. @ECL,
    So far, weight is maintained and hopefully it'll stay that way. ^^

  16. Fulamak the burger make me hungry la.. I'm not much of a burger fan but some burgers (especially with juicy patties) makes me drool.. Can eat 3 max at one time.. Hmm no wonder I put on weight!

  17. @Bella,
    3 sekaligus! Whoa!

    I'm more of a steak person myself too, but lately I wallop everything. Lapar! LOL


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