The Perils Of Running

Yes, apart from the obvious health benefit of being fit, there are side effects one can get from running. For me that would be :
Having two toned skin. You read it right. Not a too toned body, but I'm now sporting a darker set of arms (and neck and face too) than the other parts of my body. 

Oh! The pigmentation! With the hot sunny days ahead and the sun coming up scorching us as early as 7.00am, I'll just get darker and darker.
Willingness to go out for a run at extremely odd hours. Good thing I live in an apartment, and with the guards stationed strategically, I feel safe making a late night run around my apartment. Yeah, sometimes I'd do an 11.00pm run! No, I don't do this out of the gate of my apartment so late at night. That's just crazy! o.O

I wouldn't dream of waking up at 4.00 or 5.00am on weekends before, but that's what I do come Saturday and Sunday now! Waking up so early just so I can enjoy a cool, breezy and sloooooow run early in the morning.  (Then, get totally roasted by the sun at 7.30am! @.@)

Then, it's the depleting bank balance and cash in wallet. I seem to never tire of buying stuff at the sports store nowadays. Recent purchase include a handheld water bottle last Sunday and two days, ago, a new pair of running pants.

Hubby opined that the amount that I've spent on running gears these past few months can actually buy me a good mountain bike already and he's totally right! Who says running is a cheap sport? Well, it's cheap if you are not obsessing about the latest gear and whatnot. What's wrong with running and holding a Gatorade bottle that I had to buy that RM45 Nike bottle? Nothing, actually. Or a RM69 pair of Thorlo sock instead of a much cheaper RM8 sock? I convinced myself that it's for the good of my feet. ^^

There's another side-effect that is now seriously causing a dent in my pocket. Shrinking waistline. With all my pants becoming loose, I need to overhaul my wardrobe soon! 

With all these obsessing over stuff, do I run fast? Or that far? Well, I'm still a slow poke.  And I'm still a long way from doing a half marathon. But I like to flatter myself that I'm a slow poke that look good! Hahaha Yeah, you can go and puke now. (^o^)

But seriously, I have to consider my safety while out running as I don't have the luxury of running in a park everyday. For one, it's the traffic. Always, always be aware of traffic from behind and in front.

Another thing I had to deal with - dogs. OK, so I'm terrified of big dogs. It's because it's ingrained in my DNA to avoid dogs, I guess. And the dogs being let loose in my neighborhood are not cute ones like Nick's dog Pebbles. Some of them are quite territorial too; in public spaces! There is this one dog that will chase anything that move, people, cars, bikes.... @.@

So far I don't have problems with strays as strays tend to stay away from being too near humans. It's just those pet dogs that were let loose outside that I have to be careful of. :(


  1. Non runner will never understand the kicks you get from running....... handheld tumbler? not for me though,I find kind of a burden but I am seriously looking at something light that i can easily hook or strap it around my waist..any recom?

    keep on running,keep on running ya,loads of fun,don't give up,

  2. Hehe sounds like me :) but hey when we are serious enough you have to get the right stuff to "protect"you, an 8 ringgit socks would probably cause you blisters and the added moolah guarantees you won't, but then again it's to each own ..I know an uncle lari marathon kasut fun keong aje !!! Dont get suck into trying to be faster, just follow your body pace, even if slow you are still clocking the same distance!! Hope to meet you soon!!

  3. See my tan here when I was training for my full lol ..

  4. @eugene,
    Myself - I hate having things around my waist. Makes me feel I have excess stomach fat there. LOL

    I am definitely looking forward to keep on having fun running. You and your wife have fun too! :)

  5. @Mr Lonely,
    Well, thank you for walking by. :)

  6. hmmm getting two tones on your arms and shoulders?? you didn't apply sunblock lotion?? or maybe just get some whitening lotion for the tanned section~~ :p

  7. I kept my investment on running to minimum, mostly the investment are on shoes. Btw I got only 6 pairs so far since I started running. With 3 retired, nothing closed to Nick :P

    So far for the whole year I started running, I spent RM3300 on running gear (excluding running events fees). Half of it go to shoes and half goes to HRM/GF405CX....

    Now I know where my money went into... :P

  8. oooh, running after 11:00pm and before 5:00am?? that's something that i can never, and will never do.. hahaha!!

  9. already feel sleepy at 11:00pm and there seems to have no 5:00am in my life, cos i'm sleeping and totally not aware of that!! huhuhuhu~~

  10. hmmm, nothing will become cheap once you are serious about it.. cos you will try to be better and to be better it most probably will cost you more money.. if not time, and because time is also money~~ :)

  11. hey, that would be a very good side-effect!! i don't mind all my clothes get loose and i need to change my wardrobe.. haha!! in fact that's such a dream for me at this moment, haha~~

  12. @KJ,
    I console myself after splurging that they are good investment. ;)

    OMG! I looked at that tan line of yours! And you ran until 4? Salute!!! I wish I have your tenacity Kak June!

  13. @SK,
    You don't have kids, right? Once you have them, you came to know all those odd hours and experience being awake all through them too! LOL

    I do apply sunblock. I think if I don't, I'll probably look like Pahang flag already! xD

    Good things sure don't come cheap. And at least there are benefits from what I'm doing and spending. Right? ^^

  14. @Neoh,
    Nick sure has a lot of shoes, right? Hahaha

    I'm thinking of investing in a good running watch but the ones that you guys are wearing sure cost a bomb! @.@

    Talking about shoes, I think I need another pair or two, too. ;p

  15. hehe teruk kan? took me 6 months to even up the skin again haha .. i ran for 4 hours, it was until 12 tengahari ++ camtu lol .. memang kita ni "tak betul" when it comes to running! but hey tan lines are sexy *wink*

  16. @KJ,
    A run during noon! hohoho... I lari at 10am pun dah rasa nak pengsan kepanasan. kakaka

    Yalah, we are crazy when it comes to running. But I have to remember not to go all out "gila" and hurt myself in the process of enjoying my run.

    Definitely tan lines are sexy. And if you got it, flaunt it. ;)

  17. yeah kena condition body for the weather that you will run during races .. and yes dont go all giler till injured (like me haha) and baby, I am flaunting my tan lines I have new ones too hihi

  18. @KJ,
    true true jugak kan... ;)

    New tan lines... wooooo wanna see! wanna see! ;p

  19. I'm dual tone too. I was planning on a beach trip year end and I'm disgusted with my skin tone. It doesn't look appealing at all. Oh lord.


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