It's The Carpark For Me

Do you have a special place where you do your runs?

For me, on weekday nights; it's the parking area around my apartment block. I run around the two block's uncovered parking area and go through the basement of the covered parking area to complete a 1KM loop. Five loops would usually equal to 5.5KM which is what I usually do on a weekday night run.
The area I live in is not flat, and "blessed" with many inclines so when I first started running, the little inclines that I needed to face served as my early, pre-hill training runs. *^-^*

I was so self-conscious running around the apartment blocks at first but the fact that my neighbours can see me served as a motivation for me. I pushed on and not stop and walk because I would ashamed my neighbours would see me wimp out, especially when some of those neighbours are my colleagues too. Being vain does serve a purpose, sometimes! LOL

My neighbours and the security guards are so used to seeing me doing my nightly runs by now. The guards were looking somewhat interestedly each time I make a loop when I first started out; 6 months ago but nowadays they don't even bat an eye at me even if I do a midnight run!

I guess if I live in a terrace house, it'll be harder for me to do a night run so I consider myself lucky to have an area that I can train relatively safe. But even if I don't, I think I'll find a way to train safely. Where there's a will, there's surely a way.

And come to think of it, my treadmill motor breaking down was the best thing that ever happened to me, running wise. It made me go out and find other alternative. And being out and seeing other joggers/runners made me want to run more and better. I find it hard to imagine pounding the treadmill for two hours and not be bored to death.


  1. Running around your apartment block at night is definitely safer than outside.

  2. Oh! I don't like to run on the treadmill! Do you notice it is kind of different running on a treadmill and running on the ground? The ground does not move!

  3. But the treadmill proves useful during rainy days of course. But I imagine you rather run in the rain? : D

  4. Running is much safer when you're a guy, which is why I'm never too far away from the wife or at least I try to trail her route when she's out running. I'm more worried when she runs alone but she's one tough woman though.

  5. I think the only safe place I could think of for runs is at home on the dreadmill. Dreaded to run for hours. Never did, manage to run 30 mins or so, and after reach that limit I think I wanna start vomiting.

    Other places for normal track run would be the jogging track that I usually go to, you see many kinds of ppl and get motivation from 4 mins pace runners, I swear I nearly jump when this dood pass me.

    Running on the roads is dangerous, I'd normally run with friends but sometimes if too far apart, a bit scared also. But the there's police cars roaming around the roads so it's not that bad. hehehe.

  6. @foong,
    With strict security, it sure is way safer than running outside. And there are no dogs to chase me too! xD

    Treadmill, yeah definitely different. My stride would change too. But I guess it's good to have the treadmill alternative during rainy season or when one wants to run at noon. ;)

    I'll run in a drizzle but don't want to risk it by running in a torrential rain. Kena strike by lightning, how? @.@

  7. @Nick,
    Oh yes, a guy does have an advantage when running outside. I am always wary running alone and have to be careful when a vehicle/someone approaching me.

    That and dogs!

    But I feel safer running at 4am than at 6pm simply because I think (hopefully) most people, esp those intending to do "mischief" aren't awake yet. ;p

    That said, I am now so thankful that my hubby almost always accompany me on my long runs on weekends. :)

  8. @massy,
    I can only last for 45 minutes on the dreadmill then I start losing focus. LOL

    Running at places where fast runners are is a good motivation to do better eh? :)

    Roads can be dangerous so yeah, we especially the ladies have to take extra precaution. That said, I ain't gonna stop running on the road.

  9. Haha, u know when training for my full, my husband was transferred to Johor, time tu kj tak ikut lagi, so I will come on and off, so when am here, freaking out tak cukup training, I run for inside the condo area then out a bit on the road (dangerous drivers here) into Tesco hihi and run their whole huge car park end to end every row .. Mula2 memang the guards were like ..what??? After awhile they got use to me hahah, it's early morning and no customers yet :) . Things we do to run eh?? But being female, esp on night run alone , what u do is the best but still don't let down ur guard!!

  10. @KJ,
    You lagi very the hardcore. Ran into Tesco parking some more! Salute! Salute!

    Hehehe the things we do to get our training done, eh?

    And totally! We ladies shouldn't let our guard down, even when we look like we are on the verge of collapsing, exhausted doing a run! Safety must come first. I have to remind myself this too. ;p

  11. I think car park is a good place to run. But be careful with the cars parking or reversing out.

  12. @Neoh,
    I will! :)

    But nowadays, my neighbours who parked along the route I run, if they are parking or reversing out; will wait for me to run past them first. I got nice neighbours. ^^

    And hard not to miss me when I'm out running, even at night. I favour bright colours for my running gear. ;p

  13. a special place where i do my runs?? errr, minta maaf lah, because i don't run at all, wakakakaka~~ :D

  14. maybe just after two minutes of running, my legs started to feel tired, and my lungs started to pant.. hmmm, what a nice blame on the body parts yeah?? huhuhuhu :p

  15. so i guess you have found the true enjoyment running in the condo compound, so you can just forget about your treadmill already.. run and let everyone in the neighbourhood see you running~~ :D

  16. @SK,
    Kakaka... but you walk plenty! And so rajin go gym some more. I, no money to go gym nowadays. huhuhu

    Yeah, right. As if I'd believe your body parts all that weak. ;p

    It's nice. It's familiar. Drivers give way to me. There are no dogs barking at me. So, yeah, I enjoy running in and out of the car park area. ^^

    When neighbours commented on how "strong" I am, seeing that I'd made several loops, I am very, very happy. (Just don't say I lose weight!) xD

    But then, nothing special about it doing it. A lot of aunties do it too but they walk around early morning lah, instead of doing it in the middle of the night. ^^


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