Reduce To Clear

The scrooge in me simply love digging through the "reduce to clear" pile at Cold Storage and get stuff for less price than it originally cost. Yes, the fruits are slightly bruised but most of them are perfectly fine to eat. Same goes for the vegetables too.

But I find that the clearance pile at other supermarkets do not have the same "quality" as the ones at Cold Storage. I mean, if the produce sold at 50% are already decomposing, they shouldn't be selling them at all, right? They should just throw them away. Or sell them at a more reasonable price in the first place so that people can actually afford to buy them.


  1. Good bargain. Yeah, especially those supermarket like Giant, so ugly oh the fruit =_= I'd usually resolve buying at the market. Nice and fresh.

  2. hahahaha, this looks so familiar because i always like to look for reduced price items too.. if they are selling cheaper, why not??

  3. besides that, i also try to compare prices between supermarkets, and i really don't mind walking around the whole MV to find out the cheapest one out of the three supermarkets.. hahaha!!

  4. hmmm, quality control (hence image control)?? i would guess i am more confident with Isetan.. their produce are always fresh and of good quality.. that's why i love to go to Isetan food market.. :)

  5. @maslight,
    Exactly.I hate going to the vege/produce section of Giant/Tesco.Ugly selection there. Don't know been sitting on the shelves for how long. :(

  6. @SK<
    Ooooh! I'm like you. I'd trawl all the shops to compare prices and in doing so piss my husband. kakaka

    I like Isetan too. But Gardens doesn't have a food mart, right?

    Cold Storage is good, but the original price of stuff are sooooo high! @.@

  7. Smart shopper you are, Lina. I'm with you that prices at Cold Storage are much higher than the rest generally.

  8. @HappySurfer,
    Yeah, they sure are. But that didn't stop people from shopping there.

    Good thing at Mid Valley, I can check prices at 3 different supermarkets before making a purchase. There's Jusco, Carrefour and Cold Storage to compare! ;)


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