Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Makan Here And There

We always pass this particular roadside stall that opens early morning just opposite the Jalan Klang Lama Wet Market as we drove to work or sending Son to school.
A roadside stall under some shady trees and near a bus stop.

After many years, we finally made a stop there for breakfast during this school holiday.
I noticed that the boss (the cashier) and other staff there are all nicely and smartly dressed. 

Food wise, it's standard lah... Got packed nasi lemak from a few vendors sold. Kuih muih. Roti canai. All that. 

It's just that it's convenient for us to stop here, halfway to work as we can gauge whether we have time for breakfast or running late for work.
I had lunch on Wednesday, the eve of a long four-days weekend with my running friends and we went to Restoran ZK in Kampung Attap for their fish head curry.

A friend kindly fetched me at the office for the lunch, and another later sent me back to work. Thank you guys!

We managed to "sapu" clean the fish head curry in less than 30 minutes!  And then, we ordered more and ate more. Hahaha
I can finally eat durian and bought one for myself. Yeay!

Hubby and Son are not really big fans of durians so most time, I eat them alone so buy one "biji" enough for me. ;-)
This Sunquick Gold is quite popular with my friends lately. A few of them had this served at a water station during the Penang Bridge International Marathon and the loved it.

Another friend then had this made and stocked as drinks for friends who did the Putrajaya 100K in November. Later, they had the same drink during the 12-hour Bukit Cinta Ultra and everyone enjoyed the drink. So of course it got me intrigued. I need to buy one and made some drinks for myself! ^^


  1. I loves durian and i am a fan of it, hehe...

  2. Used to drink Sunquick as a kid. I wonder what the difference with this Sunquick Gold??

    Yummy fish head curry. I think I can finish that head by myself too.

  3. It's always nice to go out and makan-makan. Eh, still got durian ke? I also want to eat!

    1. The new season is here!!!

      Go eat! :P

  4. what a galore!! Mak Glam so happy makan here and there!!

    oooh, Sunquick Gold!! so this is the premium Sunquick that is a heat among runners??

    1. It was a hit after Penang Bridge Marathon.

      I guess their promo there worked. Haha

  5. I am eyeing the durian, Lina!! Yummsss!!

  6. Oh.. I also had fish head curry just now but nyonya style. It's been a while since I had Sunquick ...hahaa. I still prefer 100+ during runs at water points.

    1. Everyone has their own preferences. But my friends who are marathon and ultra runners are now loving the Sunquick Gold. ;-)

  7. The name also appropriate I think. Drink SunQuick, run quick! :D



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