Saturday, 19 December 2015

myBuddiesRun REPC And A Saturday Outing

We went to DPulze Shopping Centre in Cyberjaya late Saturday afternoon to collect our myBuddiesRun race kits. For a change, Son and Hubby will be participating in the run with me (although they are doing the 5K Masked Run category). ^^
The benefit of collecting our race kits later during the day was that the queue was non-existent, compared to Friday where there was a massive queue that formed for the race kit.
Collection was smooth as we just needed to show our ICs to the crew. 

The downside of arriving late is that we don't see any familiar running kakis or friends though, as most have collected theirs. 
We later had dinner at Restoran Saba which is located across the street from DPulze Shopping Centre. It is an Arab restaurant and we had Lamb Kabsah (the lamb is under the heap of rice, in case anyone is asking...) which we shared between the three of us.
Then it was coffee and cake treat!

All this and we haven't even started running in our race yet! LOL
Anyways, all the best to everyone running tomorrow. myBuddiesRun or any other races around the world. 

For those who will be joining us for a run in Cyberjaya tomorrow, here's tomorrow's agenda.
See you tomorrow!


  1. Look forward to see your post after the run...

    1. Thank you.

      There will be one tomorrow. Hihi

  2. Oh, the lamb kabsah is for 3 people. When I saw your boy with that huge platter of rice, I thought he was doing some serious carbo loading :D

    1. It's meant for sharing. Hihihi



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