Saturday, 26 December 2015

The Final Run Of 2015 at Hatten Neon Run, Melaka

The family will be traveling to Melaka on the last day of 2015 for a fun run and a short vacation. Yeay!

The three of us finally registered together in the Family category (instead of Mommy running off alone like during myBuddiesRun last weekend. Hihihi) and we'll do 3K together and enjoy the last night running together in Melaka.
Thank goodness we can still collect our race kit the day of the race itself. But for those who had registered for the Hatten Neon Run and plan to collect your race kit on Dec 31, 2015, do take note that REPC is until 2pm!
Anyhoo, the last time I checked Hatten Neon Nite Run's FB page, registration is open until today. So register before Dec 27 2015 for the race!!!

I've kepoh-kepoh and checked just now and I could still register so there are still slots left. Hurry!

Check out their website : or FB page : for more details or registration.
Can't wait to have fun at the run.

There'll be UV Glow tunnel, graffiti neon display, neon step run, neon drummers and also food stall and booths.

What a great way to end the year and celebrate the new year. Healthy revelry suitable for all ages. ^^

To make life easier, we've booked ourselves a night at Hatten Hotel Melaka, a very convenient place to stay not only for the night's run but also whenever one is traveling to Melaka. Just a short walking distance to Dataran Pahlawan, A Famosa, St Paul's Church, Stadthuys; to name a few.

A few of my friends stayed in the hotel and it came highly recommended so we sure are looking forward to a nice stay there, before and after our run!

A nice way to spend family time together before school starts next year too. A treat for the Anak Bujang. ^^

See you in Melaka! 


  1. wah!! nice!! the whole family is finally as one in the coming run on New Year's Eve!! now I am wondering if you are going to wear the same costumes?? :p

    running and then a countdown vacation in Melaka, so shyiok lah~~

    1. wear same design event tee so can save cost! Muahaha

  2. That's sounds like fun! Enjoy your run and your stay with the family in Melaka.

  3. Wow!!! A short holiday soon. I love Melaka, the place and food but not traffic jam.

    Wishing you and your boys a Happier and Healthier New Year 2016.

    1. Thank you.

      A happy new year to you and Letchumy too. :)



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