Thursday, 31 March 2016

Back To Ko Hyang For A Korean Dinner

We used to enjoy our dinner at Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights (Ko Hyang means hometown in Korean, by the way) located at the Gardens Mall on weekdays quite frequently. At least once a week.

But after Son entered secondary school and becomes busier, we had not had dinner there on weekdays anymore. For more than a year now, I think. We seldom visit Borders Bookstore even!

Hubby and Son needed to buy something yesterday and as Son had finished his homework, we stopped by Gardens Mall and also Mid Valley Megamall for dinner and shopping.

Interesting to note that the waiter at Ko Hyang still recognise Son even after a year of not visiting and remarked that he hadn't seen Son for a long while. ^^

Anyhoo.. we ordered only two sets and an extra bowl of rice and shared our meals.
My favourite : Soon du bu jigae which is spicy soft tofu stew with seafood and the set comes with baanchan (side dishes) and rice. 
plus O jing eo bokem which is stir fried squid set that comes with baanchan and a bowl of seaweed soup which Son likes.

The portion was generous just like a year ago.

A completely satisfying meal for three for under RM50.00.

Actually, it's been a while too since I last cooked jigae or any Korean recipes at home nowadays, preferring simple Malay food instead. ^^

I still have gochujang in the fridge so maybe if we have a free weekend soon I can cook something up. 

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Press Release : IOI City Mall Run

IOI City Mall Delivers Scenic Experience for Runners of IOI City Mall Run and Announces the Winner of Prosperity Drive Contest

Putrajaya, 27th March 2016 – Flagged off at 7.30am from The Symphony Walk, Ground Floor of IOI City Mall, the inaugural IOI City Mall Run 2016 saw runners had lots of fun experiencing the scenic trail across IOI Resort City. 
Hosted by the mall’s management, IOI City Mall Run 2016 aims to be the platform and catalyst that fosters community development via a healthy lifestyle. 

“At IOI, we always emphasise in creating a physical presence in the local community. As such, we constantly drive activities that gathers people because we believe that greater sense of community leads to a sustainable social well-being,” said Chris Chong, Complex General Manager of IOI City Mall.

Through its 6.4KM route, runners had an unforgettable experience in discovering IOI Resort City. “IOI City Mall Run 2016 delivers a unique running experience because the route stretched across iconic developments of IOI Resort City, such as Beverly Row Bungalows, Putrajaya Marriott Hotel, Palm Garden Hotel, Palm Garden Golf Course, IOI Square Office Towers, Puteri Palma Condominiums and IOI City Mall. Such scenic route allows runners to have an enjoyable run without paying attention to those burning muscles,” Chris added.
Adding to the excitement, winners from both Men’s Open and Women’s Open were each awarded with cash prizes, vouchers from IKnowVation Lab and Mio Performance Wearables. Completed at 23 minutes, Ahmad Luth Bin Hamizan emerged as the Champion for Men’s Open category. 

“Although it was just 6.4KM, the route was rather hilly and challenging. The run was good as it comes with a great view,” Ahmad elaborated.
As for Sheela Samivellu, Champion for Women’s Open category, she commented that the event was a fun experience to discover the beauty of IOI Resort City. “Running is always a great way to  discover a new place because it allows you to explore the unexplored paths,” added Sheela.

Lucky draw sessions were also conducted to award lucky runners with exciting goodies from, Mio and Timekeeper. IOI City Mall Run 2016 is proudly organized by ZX Entertainment; co-organized by Partymate and Stark Events; powered by HooHA Asia, MyBrandApp and Sport Play; and sponsored by Brooks, BMS Organics, Idemitsu, Timekeeper, Mio,, and IKnowVation Lab.

Prosperity Drive Contest Grand Prize Draw 

In addition to the run, the mall also hosted the Grand Prize Draw for its Prosperity Drive Contest in the afternoon at Ground Floor East Wing of the mall. During the Chinese New Year celebration, IOI City Mall tied up with Citroën to reward one of its top spenders with a new drive – a Citroën C3. Prosperity Drive Contest was launched from 15 Jan-14 Feb 2016, whereby shoppers who have spent RM 350 in a single receipt during the period were eligible for the draw.

More than 500 shoppers attended the event to witness the finale of Prosperity Drive Contest. 

Present for the event finale were Michael Ravunni, Head of Sales of Naza Euro Motors, Cheah Wing Choong, Chief Operating Officer of Property Investments and Chris Chong, Complex General Manager of IOI City Mall. 

“We are thrilled by the overwhelming response from our shoppers and we would like to thank and congratulate everyone for taking part,” said Chris excitedly. He went on to say that the Prosperity Drive Contest is in line with the mall’s commitment to deliver a rewarding shopping experience to its shoppers and the prize presentation event was held to thank all participants for taking part.

“Ultimately, we would like shoppers to know that at IOI City Mall, we value your support for choosing us as your preferred shopping destination,” Chris commented.
Residing at Sungai Buloh, a 66 years old retiree, Lim How Chong emerged as the Grand Prize winner and the proud owner of a brand-new Citroën C3. Commenting on his winning, Lim said that it was just a random decision to take part in the Prosperity Drive Contest organized by the mall.

“I could not believe it when I was informed that I had won the Citroën C3. I never expect to win because I was never the lucky one when it comes to contest. Fortunately, this round, my luck came at the right time and I would like to thank Citroën and IOI City Mall for granting my wish and proving me wrong,’’ Lim laughed.

Along with the Grand Prize giveaway sponsored by Citroën, consolation lucky draw prizes worth up to RM7000 sponsored by Absolute Thai, CARS International, Golden Screen Cinemas, OGAWA, SHINS and Timekeeper were also awarded to lucky shoppers. The event was also supported by Cornery, Dal.Komm Coffee and Dunkin Donuts.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Nando's For A Treat

Earlier this year, I promised myself that I'd treat myself to Nando's espetada if I could achieve a PB (personal best) timing for my half-marathon in January.

That didn't happen. 

And while I managed a 2:30:35 timing for my 21K at Bukit Jalil's 23K run, it wasn't a PB either.

Anyhoo, since I don't plan to run chasing for timing at Nike We Run KL (not with the non-existent training for these past three weeks), that Nando's treat seems to have to wait.

But then, hubby took us all to Nando's last night for a surprise treat!

Hubby and Son didn't want a heavy dinner so we decided to share our meals.
of Mediterranean salad with an absolutely awesome vinegary dressing. 
and espetada! Yeay!

I actually prefer the espetada than having a quarter chicken.  The sides of garlic bread and peri wedges were nice too. 
Our meal at Nando's Bangsar Village was a wonderful one. The ambiance was nice and relaxing. The staff were friendly and efficient. Special mention to Danial who was attentive to our needs and made us feel like we were dining in a top rated restaurants!
Then, instead of enjoying our desserts at Nando's (although Danial did enquire whether we wanted some coffee or desserts to close our dinner); we went to a nearby bakery (which is always my favourite) to enjoy this walnut brownie. Yummy and for a mere RM6.90. Such a big slice too.
The night keeps on getting better.

We found these cats and they were patient enough to wait for us to get them some cat food to feed them. One was friendly and let me scratch its head and the other was absolutely fierce to humans. But both knew well to follow us to feed them. ^^

Monday, 28 March 2016

Trail And BOH Tea In May

In Banting.

I never knew there is a tea plantation in Banting until recently when the registration for Boh Eco Trail Run opens. And imagine that I actually drink the Bukit Cheeding No. 53 blend at home! Hah Hah

The Bukit Cheeding tea plantation is a lowland tea plantation and is one of four Boh's tea gardens. 
I've visited the Boh's tea gardens in Cameron so it would be interesting to visit the one in Banting too!
Plus, I had fun in Boh's Fun Run in 2014 which was held in Sg Palas so I can't wait to have some fun in Bukit Cheeding. ^^

Details of registration :
and more information and registration at

Bukit Cheeding, see you on May 28th!

Sunday, 27 March 2016

A Safety Program For The Ladies

Organised by 2ndskin Asia, the Keep Yourself Safe Program will be held on Apr 16th, May 7th and June 18th 2016.

The program will be led by a qualified self-defense coach from MuayFit Gym and it is open to all female with a small RM30 fee to cover costs for the 2-hour long program and some refreshments.

The sessions will run for 2 hours each time and will be held at The Marathon Shop HQ, at No.25, Jalan SS23/15, Taman SEA, 47400 Petaling Jaya. Available dates for now are in the poster attached and the other dates will be available soon.

More info can be found at 2ndskin Asia FB page (click here)

I'm thinking of joining. Come and join me, ladies. ^^

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Highlander For The Day In Bukit Kutu

After last week Titi 100 where both Hubby and I volunteered, we spent the weekend crewing for another race again this week.
On Mar 26, 2016 The Highlanders Series 2016, Bukit Kutu Trail Run was held in Bukit Kutu, Kuala Kubu Baru. The 12K Run saw a 760m total elevation gain and runners ran through river crossing, old lodging road, rain forest trail, steep hill inclines uneven terrain.

Just like at Titi 100, hubby and I were stationed at the Start/Finish line and somehow I did a "bidan terjun" job that day. What? Read on. ^^
Every participant needed to chek-in before the race at the secretariat counter and they were given an energy bar sponsored by Moolabar that morning.

The organiser had also included a basic medical kit in each runner's race kit that were sent to them via Pos Laju earlier, before the race. 
Flag-off was at 8.00am sharp after a safety briefing done by Tuan Hiswani from the Balai Polis Kuala Kubu Baru.

A small race as participation was kept to a minimum, it did however attracted African runners and a number of strong Malaysian trail runners vying for top placings.
Kampung Pertak is an Orang Asli kampung area and after all runners were flagged-off, we saw the Orang Asli kids dropping by curiously to the race site.

The organiser  had come prepared with plenty of snacks and sweets to be distributed to the children.
For the runners, plenty of post-race refreshment were ready for them ranging from cold mineral water, banana, nasi ayam and cendol.

The refreshment were also shared generously with the Orang Asli who dropped by after the race and they were free to take packs of Nasi Ayam and cendol too. The organiser however, made sure there were enough even for the last runner who arrived to enjoy.
Photo credit : Hanim
Bidan terjun for the day as emcee.
The prize-giving ceremony was done at 10.30am for the top 3 winners for Men Open, Women Open and Men Veteran category.

The Setiausaha from Majlis Daerah Hulu Selangor, Tuan Azman Dahlan was gracious enough to present the prizes to the winners.
While the top placings were dominated by African runners, local runners had a surprise.

Top 3 Malaysian runners in each of Men Open,Women Open and Men Veteran category each received a prize sponsored by Compressport. 
After the prize giving ceremony, runners were invited to join the organiser and local authorities plus JAKOA with Tok Batin Ali and visit the villagers' houses. Ten Senses and Running Project had kindly sponsored some items such as bags of rice and stationeries to be distributed to each houses in Kampung Pertak.
After the prize giving ceremony, we waited until the last runner crossed the finish line before we started to pack-up and clear the event site.

Salute to the runners and their jovial spirit and it was great to see them giving a thumbs up for Bukit Kutu Trail Run and they promised to return to 2017's edition, stronger and faster.

To all runners of Highlanders Series 2016, Bukit Kutu Trail Run - congrats!

Maybe we'll see at Bukit Fraser in September? ^^

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Mix Bag Weekends

Things lined-up for the upcoming weekends:
After volunteering at last week's Titi 100, hubby and I will be volunteering again this weekend, now at a trail race : Bukit Kutu 12K Trail Run which is a part of Highlanders Series 2016. 
Had wanted to join Route 68 which will see runners doing either 50K or 70K, as volunteers and had actually applied for it but since we didn't hear any word from the organiser, I had a backup plan.
Backup plan : running in We Run KL Nike 21K 2016!

So mainstream of me! HAHAHA
Lastly for April, a fun run with the family at Mid Valley City Charity Run.

Mix bag with a nice gap in-between to just relax at home. Only a few races to assist or run in so it'll be quite relaxing. ^^

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Bribes...

Sorta. ^^
Since both Hubby and I spent our Saturday outside kepohing at a race and left Son at home last week, we kinda made amends (or bribed) with him by treating him on Friday and also Sunday. Parents guilt. Hehehe
Actually we asked him to join us (he did in 2014 after all) but he declined.
After work on Friday, we head off to IOI City Mall in Putrajaya and as Son wanted to eat at Sukiya, Sukiya it was for dinner.
Then we spent time until closing time walking about and getting stuff for him - snacks, drinks and stuff for the weekend.

He was a good boy and went to have a haircut on Saturday himself. He even did some chores!

I guess it is rather nice to have the parents away occasionally, even though he still have his uncle watching him at home. ^^
For Sunday, a treat of Subway meatball sandwich and some pearl tea at Chatime.

We'll be helping out at Bukit Kutu for the first of the Highlander Series Run on Friday night and Saturday morning. I'm thinking of asking him to tag along but I think most probably he'll rather spend the Friday night at his uncle's place. Huhuhu

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Back To Titi 100 - As Volunteers

Hubby and I were volunteers at Titi 100 Ultramarathon in 2014 which was Titi's first race edition. This year, for its 3rd edition, we were back again and back to filling in the volunteer spot. 

Although the earlier arrangement was for us to be helping out at the starting line before proceeding to CP3; located at KM25, we were later asked by Allan who is the race director to be stationed at the starting line, and to oversee the mandatory item check tables and also sorting out the prizes for top 10 winners for the 200K, 100K and 50K categories.

We reported for duty at 9.00am on Saturday morning, just as the 200K runners were coming in after reaching their 100K mark at the CP/Start line to check-in an rest before continuing for their next 100K.
A runner making his way for his second half of the 200K. Hubby talked with him for a bit while we were manning the drop bag section as he took a breather under "our" tent. The runner from Seattle later finished in 7th place. Congrats!
The flag-off of the 100K category at 4.00pm on Saturday, Mar 19 2016. The 200K category was flagged off the day before at 6.00pm.
The 50K category was the last to be flagged-off at 12.00am on Sunday morning.

Unlike the 200K flag-off which saw a torrential rain that flooded the starting line hours before the race started (although rain stopped in time for the race to start); Saturday and Sunday's flag-off for both 100K and 50K was in dry condition. It didn't rain AT ALL on Saturday so everyone had to contend with the heat all day long!

The atmosphere was jovial and most runners were in good spirit to start their run albeit some with certain nervousness. 
On Saturday when we reported for duty, a steady stream of 100K runners came from noon onward to keep the crew and volunteers occupied as they came for collection of race bibs for outstation runners, the mandatory item check of their gears and drop bags before the start of their race.

There were a few runners who weren't happy when told they didn't comply with the mandatory checks but most heeded the list and those without some items listed, bought them from the organiser. Or got them from friends and even other random runners!

I occasionally filled in the spot as the scouts who were also helping out in the race had their rest or lunch breaks. Later at night, trying to help with the line management for the 50K runners to check-in because some table had no line while others had a long line and vague lines were forming, Hubby and I went around checking bib numbers before re-directing the runners to the designated table for mandatory item checks.

We probably annoy some MURA volunteers who were standing behind the tables as we were forcefully moving the lines along and doing the checks ourselves, as we were not wearing the crew shirt and of course, since we were nobody; nobody know us and why we were there and probably just seen as penyibuk. HAHAHA

Anyways, I hope we actually assisted  the runners in some ways instead of just making a nuisance  of myself there. 

I have to say, the scouts who came were great and hardworking so much respect to them! They are an important part of Titi volunteer team since the first edition and kudos to the organiser for roping the scouts for the race.
A lull after midnight, we started with the sorting out of the prizes for top runners later after all the 50K were flagged-off at midnight, before the champion for 200K crossed the finish line and finished at around 2.00am.

Titi 100 is undeniably quite a tough race to run in. Not only with the elevation and the weather that the runners had to face but also the strict cut-off imposed.

The 50K runners has a generous 10-hours cut-off with no checkpoint (CP) cut off. 

The 200K and 100K however must adhere strictly to the cutoff imposed at all the CPs. Quite a number of runners had to DNF and be sent back by the sweeper vans provided by the organiser as they were unable to arrive to certain CPs before cut-off. (well, at least the runners weren't asked to just flag a taxi!)

Some runners also faced issues with coping with the weather and couldn't continue their run. 
But many too finished their race and meeting their set target and goals.

To all runners who made it to the starting line - bravo! For having the courage to embark on this tough adventure.

For finishers - a big congratulation to you!

See you next year. We hope to be somewhere along the race course, assisting you if the organiser let us to help again. ^^

Friday, 18 March 2016

Simple Yet So Satisfying

Hubby had been craving for this ever since we returned from Merapoh early last month.

It's so simple yet so lovely to enjoy.

Just boiled sardine that is later deep fried. And for us, it's simply eaten with some fresh ulam and budu on the side. Everyone had second serving of  rice with just this simple meal! ^^

Boiled the sardine with salt and lots of asam keping for taste. The smell was enough to make Son hungry. And then, I just fried a few when we wanted to eat them and keep the rest in the freezer for later. So convenient! 

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Press Release : PUMABrings Sport and Style to the Next Level With the Fierce

The brand launches latest campaign featuring new footwear style offering with Kylie Jenner.
Herzogenaurach, Germany (14 March, 2016) – Sports brand PUMA unveiled today its latest women’s training campaign focusing on their new fitness footwear style offering, the PUMA Fierce. Entrepreneur and style icon, Kylie Jenner headlines the campaign along with other PUMA ambassadors which launches April 1, 2016.
The PUMA Fierce is a lightweight laceless training shoe designed to be both versatile and functional and mixes performance-ready technology with street-worthy styling. The unexpected designs have a demi upper bootie construction with technical overlays, a supportive midsole, and flex grooved outsole allowing for fast and dynamic multi-directional movements. The style will take you to and from your latest training class while taking your look to the next level.
“PUMA is putting a great deal of focus and emphasis behind our women’s business; this campaign and launch of the Fierce is the latest in many tactics and innovations to support women’s training,” said Adam Petrick, Global Director of Brand and Marketing for PUMA. “Kylie Jenner represents the young and bright future of fashion and fitness for women and we are excited to have her be the face of this campaign.”
The Fierce campaign was photographed by Lauren Dukoff and launches on April 1, 2016. It will be seen in a variety of mediums around the globe including print, digital, and out of home. In addition, the campaign will have many social components including a program which invites consumers to participate and show how they style the Fierce and are inspired by women like Kylie. Users who post their fiercest looks in and out of the gym using the hashtag #FOREVERFIERCE will get the
opportunity to win the latest looks from PUMA and be featured on the brand’s social channels.
The PUMA Fierce will be available in four colors in Malaysia starting April 2016, with additional colors dropping throughout 2016. The Fierce will retail for RM 429 and be available at PUMA Stores in KLCC, Pavilion and Sunway Pyramid and also via
To learn more about the Fierce go to, to take part in the Fierce Challenge follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat @puma.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Mommy And Son Day Out

During the previous school holiday, Son spent a Daddy & Son day out at Legoland. This time, it's Mommy's turn to spend time with him.

I think it's rather nice to have the occasional Mom & Son or Dad & Son only time, apart from spending time with the whole family. 

Anyway, we just spent the day in the city.
Son wanted to watch the BoBoiBoy movie and that's the first thing we did in the morning, after having breakfast together with Daddy; that is.

Both of us thoroughly enjoyed watching BoBoiBoy The Movie, just as we did watching the series on TV. Lovely animation, action-packed and funny to boot. No wonder it's the highest grossing local animated movie. 
Treats time later included a stop a Borders bookstore and an ice-cream stop too!
A late lunch/snack later, after a train ride at DubuYo.

It was a Happy Hour promotion set at only RM9.00 and we ordered TTeobokki and Honey Garlic Bulgogi Chicken. Both set at RM9.00 nett and came with a choice of drink of either roasted  barley tea or gree tea.

Taste wise, passable. Boleh makan lah... Hihihi

Sometimes we spend the day outdoors, sometimes it's quite nice to enjoy the indoors and the air-conditioning comfort of a mall too!

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Back To Bukit Jalil For A Half Marathon

So I ran 43K in Taman Rekreasi Bukit Jalil last December in Park Marathon. Today, I'm back to Bukit Jalil for a half marathon; The Bukit Jalil Half Marathon although it is stated by the organizer much earlier, on their registration page that it's actually 22.5K. What is it with Bukit Jalil and the extra distances? Hahaha

Here I was at 4:30am already at Bukit Jalil despite some reservations and trepidation in doing the HM. For one, I don't really need to run 22K on Sunday. My training plan has only a 13K easy run prescribed. Furthermore, most of my running friends seems to be going for UEM Charity Run instead.
Part of my training plan. 
SO why on earth did I signed up for a 22.5K instead of the 13.5K category? I have absolutely no idea. HAHAHA

Anyway, I did turn-up to run in the Bukit Jalil Half Marathon. I did finish it and I did it better than expected considering I only wanted to do an easy run (plus hills) today.

The route provided enough challenges for runners. Marshals and volunteers aplenty although at certain sections where runners need to "change lane" from the left side to the right side in order to cross the road, the section wasn't manned by any traffic police and marshals leaving runners vulnerable to the busy early morning traffic in Bukit Jalil.

Female runners were flagged off at 5:15am, about 15 minutes before the male runners which I guess due to the smallish Start/Finish area in Taman Rekreasi Bukit Jalil. I kinda like the arrangement because it makes the route felt less congested in a way.
My finisher tee, medal and bib. The bib was later submitted for lucky draw but no luck this time. I didn't win anything. ^^

All in all, a good race. Excellent post-race refreshments of 100-Plus, some 16-grains drink (or something), Milo, generously cut watermelon and of course, for Bukit Jalil Half Marathon; taufufa!

I sure am glad I did this run despite my earlier reservations. The fee for this race was a bit steep for my liking but well, I kinda like running in Bukit Jalil. Busy traffic and all. Makes a nice change from Putrajaya and Padang Merbuk, I guess.

I'll be heading out later in the evening for a race route recce and I'm glad that I feel good and not tired after my 22.5K run. *happy*

Saturday, 12 March 2016

A Relaxing Saturday

A relaxed paced Saturday so far, for a change.

As none of us had any plans today, we decided to head to Lake Garden in the morning for a stroll and fresh air.
I had thought we'd just stroll around the lake, but the boys decided to do a bit of jogging as part of training for a run Mommy had signed the Anak Bujang for, in May. So during the first loop, they left Mommy in the dust!

Mommy didn't see them after she finished her loop so she decided to do a bit of running and somehow, managed to complete 4 loops in total while the two boys wait. Hah hah

Mommy got her 60-70min easy run as her plan, after all. 
Then after our stroll, we headed off to MAEPS in Serdang which is nearby to our house to stop by and buy some stuff at the Pasar Tani there. Good thing the stalls there aren't closing yet, even at almost 11.00am!

Bought some stuff and then, time for a late breakfast. 
 Wet char koay teow...
and bihun sup.

Mommy was actually more thirsty than hungry so she enjoyed the chrysanthemum drink more because the day is soooooo HOT!

It is really hot nowadays, right? 

I hope everyone takes care of themselves and hydrate well during this hot spell. 

Friday, 11 March 2016

What's For Dinner?

Important question to ask every night but more so, on Friday when I have a race to run in during the weekend. Hah Hah

A 22.5K run on Sunday morning, a route recce later in the evening, on top of a one-hour run tomorrow.

So let's see... what's for dinner tonight? ^^

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Botani Putrajaya Endurance Run

A new kid in town; or rather a new loop-based endurance run will be in town. ^^
Botani Putrajaya Endurance Run features 2 different runs, although both are held in the same venue and during the same weekend.
  • Putra 24 Hours Endurance Run, as the name implies is a 24-hours endurance run around a 5.5K loop around Taman Botani. To be a finisher, one needs to complete at least 55K within that 24-hours time limit, which I have to say is very generous. This run is open to both male and female runners. Winners and rankings will be based on the total distance done within the 24-hours cutoff limit. The run starts at 8.30am on Apr 30 and last until 8.30am the next day, May 1, 2016.
  • Ungu 55 is a female only run with a 12-hour cutoff. Only one distance category and that is of course, 55K for both Open and Veteran category.  The run will start at 8.30pm on Apr 30 and last until 8.30am May 1, 2016.
  • Limited to only 10 special female runners, the Ultra Woman is for female runners who wish to join both Putra 24 and Ungu 55. To be named as an Ultra Woman, the runner has to complete at least 55K in Putra 24 and also the 55K in Ungu 55 and run at least 110K!

More information and also for registration of the Run is available at, and do note that the early bird rates will end on Mar 15, 2016.
I've always like loop based run/race as a way to build my endurance and training and I believe both Putra 24 and Ungu 55 is a good platform for first timers to venturing into endurance race and for those seasoned runners training for their upcoming ultras.
Hope to see you there! 


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