A Relaxing Saturday

A relaxed paced Saturday so far, for a change.

As none of us had any plans today, we decided to head to Lake Garden in the morning for a stroll and fresh air.
I had thought we'd just stroll around the lake, but the boys decided to do a bit of jogging as part of training for a run Mommy had signed the Anak Bujang for, in May. So during the first loop, they left Mommy in the dust!

Mommy didn't see them after she finished her loop so she decided to do a bit of running and somehow, managed to complete 4 loops in total while the two boys wait. Hah hah

Mommy got her 60-70min easy run as her plan, after all. 
Then after our stroll, we headed off to MAEPS in Serdang which is nearby to our house to stop by and buy some stuff at the Pasar Tani there. Good thing the stalls there aren't closing yet, even at almost 11.00am!

Bought some stuff and then, time for a late breakfast. 
 Wet char koay teow...
and bihun sup.

Mommy was actually more thirsty than hungry so she enjoyed the chrysanthemum drink more because the day is soooooo HOT!

It is really hot nowadays, right? 

I hope everyone takes care of themselves and hydrate well during this hot spell. 


  1. Nice for a run or stroll in a garden. Over here it is very warm too.

  2. Yes, it is extremely hot. After taking shower, a cup of coffee will make me sweat like sitting in sauna.

  3. It's terribly hot these days and it must be quite tough for runners to train in the heat. I sweat buckets when outdoors. If only my fat will melt away but it doesn't hee...hee...

  4. Wonder if the wet char koay teow is the same as our hor fun here...

  5. This is the first time I am seeing a plate of wet Char Koay Teow. It is like in between the fried and soupy type. How nice.


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