Heather Hoodie By Nashata

photo from Nashata website
I saw this hoodie on Nashata's FB page and on IG last week and was absolutely smitten by it.

So I was pretty happy when a package arrived...
containing this really soft, comfy Heather hoodie from Nashata.

I love it so much, I kinda coerced a few colleagues into trying them and modelling them too! LOL

Every one of them agreed about how comfy the hoodie was. Two ladies remarked about the length of the hoodie though, as it is not long enough to cover their behind.

I suppose (as they were too) getting a larger size would be better for them?

I think I'm taking this hoodie for my "balik kampong" trip in Autumn, if plan works well (enough money that is). ^^
 The hoodie fits with this lady and her jubah perfectly.
 And this young mommy of a 3 months old boy looked good in it too.
As does this newly-wed. Hihihi


  1. Nice hoodie. The color is easy to match too. I think is alright to get a size larger to suits our comfort.

  2. Waaah! You nak balik kampong in Autumn! I nak ikut la as I could guess the country.

    I can see how suitable it is to keep yourself warm with such soft material.

    1. Hope to go visit but money still tarak! Wahaha

  3. I find hoodies very cool but I look like a buah nangka when I wear one. Adoi!

  4. i like hoodies and i find them cool..

    but i never put on the hood before even if i'm wearing one..

    it just looks nice with the hood hanging there to cover my fat neck..

    muahahahaha!! :D

  5. I have few hoodies in my wardrobe. Love them but I never put on the hoodies. Haha. Unless under the rain lah.

    1. Actually, me too. :)

      But I never had my hoodie with me when it rains! LOL

  6. Hoodie! Love them... I accidentally left mine in Urumqi airport and can't help imagining some random stranger wearing them now! :(
    Trying to justify to myself to get another one....


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