Botani Putrajaya Endurance Run

A new kid in town; or rather a new loop-based endurance run will be in town. ^^
Botani Putrajaya Endurance Run features 2 different runs, although both are held in the same venue and during the same weekend.
  • Putra 24 Hours Endurance Run, as the name implies is a 24-hours endurance run around a 5.5K loop around Taman Botani. To be a finisher, one needs to complete at least 55K within that 24-hours time limit, which I have to say is very generous. This run is open to both male and female runners. Winners and rankings will be based on the total distance done within the 24-hours cutoff limit. The run starts at 8.30am on Apr 30 and last until 8.30am the next day, May 1, 2016.
  • Ungu 55 is a female only run with a 12-hour cutoff. Only one distance category and that is of course, 55K for both Open and Veteran category.  The run will start at 8.30pm on Apr 30 and last until 8.30am May 1, 2016.
  • Limited to only 10 special female runners, the Ultra Woman is for female runners who wish to join both Putra 24 and Ungu 55. To be named as an Ultra Woman, the runner has to complete at least 55K in Putra 24 and also the 55K in Ungu 55 and run at least 110K!

More information and also for registration of the Run is available at, and do note that the early bird rates will end on Mar 15, 2016.
I've always like loop based run/race as a way to build my endurance and training and I believe both Putra 24 and Ungu 55 is a good platform for first timers to venturing into endurance race and for those seasoned runners training for their upcoming ultras.
Hope to see you there! 


  1. This is a very endurance run!! I do not think I could do that!! Good luck to you and other runners.

    1. It's a challenge that some runners relish. ;)

  2. so is Cik Glam going to join the Ultra Woman category??

    run at least 55K in Putra 24 and also the 55K in Ungu 55, total at least 110km!!!

    1. I'll be there, but in a different capacity. Hihi

  3. I was about to ask you what SK ask, hehe...

  4. OMG 24 hours endurance run! I pengsan straight away LOL!


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