Back To Titi 100 - As Volunteers

Hubby and I were volunteers at Titi 100 Ultramarathon in 2014 which was Titi's first race edition. This year, for its 3rd edition, we were back again and back to filling in the volunteer spot. 

Although the earlier arrangement was for us to be helping out at the starting line before proceeding to CP3; located at KM25, we were later asked by Allan who is the race director to be stationed at the starting line, and to oversee the mandatory item check tables and also sorting out the prizes for top 10 winners for the 200K, 100K and 50K categories.

We reported for duty at 9.00am on Saturday morning, just as the 200K runners were coming in after reaching their 100K mark at the CP/Start line to check-in an rest before continuing for their next 100K.
A runner making his way for his second half of the 200K. Hubby talked with him for a bit while we were manning the drop bag section as he took a breather under "our" tent. The runner from Seattle later finished in 7th place. Congrats!
The flag-off of the 100K category at 4.00pm on Saturday, Mar 19 2016. The 200K category was flagged off the day before at 6.00pm.
The 50K category was the last to be flagged-off at 12.00am on Sunday morning.

Unlike the 200K flag-off which saw a torrential rain that flooded the starting line hours before the race started (although rain stopped in time for the race to start); Saturday and Sunday's flag-off for both 100K and 50K was in dry condition. It didn't rain AT ALL on Saturday so everyone had to contend with the heat all day long!

The atmosphere was jovial and most runners were in good spirit to start their run albeit some with certain nervousness. 
On Saturday when we reported for duty, a steady stream of 100K runners came from noon onward to keep the crew and volunteers occupied as they came for collection of race bibs for outstation runners, the mandatory item check of their gears and drop bags before the start of their race.

There were a few runners who weren't happy when told they didn't comply with the mandatory checks but most heeded the list and those without some items listed, bought them from the organiser. Or got them from friends and even other random runners!

I occasionally filled in the spot as the scouts who were also helping out in the race had their rest or lunch breaks. Later at night, trying to help with the line management for the 50K runners to check-in because some table had no line while others had a long line and vague lines were forming, Hubby and I went around checking bib numbers before re-directing the runners to the designated table for mandatory item checks.

We probably annoy some MURA volunteers who were standing behind the tables as we were forcefully moving the lines along and doing the checks ourselves, as we were not wearing the crew shirt and of course, since we were nobody; nobody know us and why we were there and probably just seen as penyibuk. HAHAHA

Anyways, I hope we actually assisted  the runners in some ways instead of just making a nuisance  of myself there. 

I have to say, the scouts who came were great and hardworking so much respect to them! They are an important part of Titi volunteer team since the first edition and kudos to the organiser for roping the scouts for the race.
A lull after midnight, we started with the sorting out of the prizes for top runners later after all the 50K were flagged-off at midnight, before the champion for 200K crossed the finish line and finished at around 2.00am.

Titi 100 is undeniably quite a tough race to run in. Not only with the elevation and the weather that the runners had to face but also the strict cut-off imposed.

The 50K runners has a generous 10-hours cut-off with no checkpoint (CP) cut off. 

The 200K and 100K however must adhere strictly to the cutoff imposed at all the CPs. Quite a number of runners had to DNF and be sent back by the sweeper vans provided by the organiser as they were unable to arrive to certain CPs before cut-off. (well, at least the runners weren't asked to just flag a taxi!)

Some runners also faced issues with coping with the weather and couldn't continue their run. 
But many too finished their race and meeting their set target and goals.

To all runners who made it to the starting line - bravo! For having the courage to embark on this tough adventure.

For finishers - a big congratulation to you!

See you next year. We hope to be somewhere along the race course, assisting you if the organiser let us to help again. ^^


  1. I think should gave a T-shirt to all the volunteers, easy for the participants to register and other things as well.

    1. There are shirts but we were special. ;)

  2. so happy la posing with the trophies..

    tarak dapat ambik gambar pun shyiok~~


  3. The weather is crazy yet the runners had great endurance!
    A big Congratulations to all...

  4. Hats off to the participants and volunteers for braving the heat!


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