Trail And BOH Tea In May

In Banting.

I never knew there is a tea plantation in Banting until recently when the registration for Boh Eco Trail Run opens. And imagine that I actually drink the Bukit Cheeding No. 53 blend at home! Hah Hah

The Bukit Cheeding tea plantation is a lowland tea plantation and is one of four Boh's tea gardens. 
I've visited the Boh's tea gardens in Cameron so it would be interesting to visit the one in Banting too!
Plus, I had fun in Boh's Fun Run in 2014 which was held in Sg Palas so I can't wait to have some fun in Bukit Cheeding. ^^

Details of registration :
and more information and registration at

Bukit Cheeding, see you on May 28th!


  1. It would be fun for another run overlooking the tea plantation.

    Good luck.

  2. Seriously? Banting? Wahhh...must join

    1. Yes. I pun terkejut when the organiser informed me. Haha


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