Mix Bag Weekends

Things lined-up for the upcoming weekends:
After volunteering at last week's Titi 100, hubby and I will be volunteering again this weekend, now at a trail race : Bukit Kutu 12K Trail Run which is a part of Highlanders Series 2016. 
Had wanted to join Route 68 which will see runners doing either 50K or 70K, as volunteers and had actually applied for it but since we didn't hear any word from the organiser, I had a backup plan.
Backup plan : running in We Run KL Nike 21K 2016!

So mainstream of me! HAHAHA
Lastly for April, a fun run with the family at Mid Valley City Charity Run.

Mix bag with a nice gap in-between to just relax at home. Only a few races to assist or run in so it'll be quite relaxing. ^^


  1. Cik Glam always have backup plans, cool!!

    even if none, it would be nice to just stay at home with your two boys too..

    1. I don't think they'd like me spending so much time with them. Lol

  2. Mak Glam is still so active as usual, one plan after another. Just to let you know, my HR manager asked me to train a team for this year KOBL. I afraid I can't. My right ankle still give me problem.

    1. Hope you recover soon and all the best to Coach Yannie! :)


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