Back To Ko Hyang For A Korean Dinner

We used to enjoy our dinner at Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights (Ko Hyang means hometown in Korean, by the way) located at the Gardens Mall on weekdays quite frequently. At least once a week.

But after Son entered secondary school and becomes busier, we had not had dinner there on weekdays anymore. For more than a year now, I think. We seldom visit Borders Bookstore even!

Hubby and Son needed to buy something yesterday and as Son had finished his homework, we stopped by Gardens Mall and also Mid Valley Megamall for dinner and shopping.

Interesting to note that the waiter at Ko Hyang still recognise Son even after a year of not visiting and remarked that he hadn't seen Son for a long while. ^^

Anyhoo.. we ordered only two sets and an extra bowl of rice and shared our meals.
My favourite : Soon du bu jigae which is spicy soft tofu stew with seafood and the set comes with baanchan (side dishes) and rice. 
plus O jing eo bokem which is stir fried squid set that comes with baanchan and a bowl of seaweed soup which Son likes.

The portion was generous just like a year ago.

A completely satisfying meal for three for under RM50.00.

Actually, it's been a while too since I last cooked jigae or any Korean recipes at home nowadays, preferring simple Malay food instead. ^^

I still have gochujang in the fridge so maybe if we have a free weekend soon I can cook something up. 


  1. Me got eat Korean food, but not into it...

  2. It's been awhile since I had Korean. So after reading this post, I am thinking of going Korean makan very soon :)

    1. Hope you enjoy a Korean meal soon! :)

  3. I love Korean food more than Japanese food because of its spicy dishes. Their jigae is very delicious. So many people still queue up there.

  4. Maybe the portion generous because the waiter recognize you all. :P

  5. now this reminds me that i have not had Korean for a long long long time!!!

    i suddenly feel like having some BBQ and lots of different types of banchan!!

    huhuhuhu ^^

  6. Not really a fan of Korean food but I love their ginseng chicken soup !


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