Back To Bukit Jalil For A Half Marathon

So I ran 43K in Taman Rekreasi Bukit Jalil last December in Park Marathon. Today, I'm back to Bukit Jalil for a half marathon; The Bukit Jalil Half Marathon although it is stated by the organizer much earlier, on their registration page that it's actually 22.5K. What is it with Bukit Jalil and the extra distances? Hahaha

Here I was at 4:30am already at Bukit Jalil despite some reservations and trepidation in doing the HM. For one, I don't really need to run 22K on Sunday. My training plan has only a 13K easy run prescribed. Furthermore, most of my running friends seems to be going for UEM Charity Run instead.
Part of my training plan. 
SO why on earth did I signed up for a 22.5K instead of the 13.5K category? I have absolutely no idea. HAHAHA

Anyway, I did turn-up to run in the Bukit Jalil Half Marathon. I did finish it and I did it better than expected considering I only wanted to do an easy run (plus hills) today.

The route provided enough challenges for runners. Marshals and volunteers aplenty although at certain sections where runners need to "change lane" from the left side to the right side in order to cross the road, the section wasn't manned by any traffic police and marshals leaving runners vulnerable to the busy early morning traffic in Bukit Jalil.

Female runners were flagged off at 5:15am, about 15 minutes before the male runners which I guess due to the smallish Start/Finish area in Taman Rekreasi Bukit Jalil. I kinda like the arrangement because it makes the route felt less congested in a way.
My finisher tee, medal and bib. The bib was later submitted for lucky draw but no luck this time. I didn't win anything. ^^

All in all, a good race. Excellent post-race refreshments of 100-Plus, some 16-grains drink (or something), Milo, generously cut watermelon and of course, for Bukit Jalil Half Marathon; taufufa!

I sure am glad I did this run despite my earlier reservations. The fee for this race was a bit steep for my liking but well, I kinda like running in Bukit Jalil. Busy traffic and all. Makes a nice change from Putrajaya and Padang Merbuk, I guess.

I'll be heading out later in the evening for a race route recce and I'm glad that I feel good and not tired after my 22.5K run. *happy*


  1. sure will not feel tired if you were doing something you like and passionate about..

    somemore Cik Glam is always full of energy, kan?? hehe ^^

  2. Maybe you signed up for the extra challenge? And you did great too, so all's well that ends well. Got nice tee short some more :D

    1. I wish I am a great challenger but I'm not :P

  3. Congrats! Saw your FB post and you are really fast! How I wish I can finish a HM in 2.5 hours!!! I usually took 3 hours slightly more to finish a HM ...muahahahaa...!

    1. Thanks Chris. :)

      So what's your next HM target?

  4. Congrats Lina. The Brooks orange baju cantik lah.

  5. They printed the words - 13K Easy!
    Oh no, it is not easy to me. Well done, Lina.

    1. That's my 13K easy training plan Anay.
      But I decided a 23K easy would be better. Hahaha

    2. I wish my legs are so strong like yours!!

    3. I wish my legs are so strong like yours!!


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