The Bribes...

Sorta. ^^
Since both Hubby and I spent our Saturday outside kepohing at a race and left Son at home last week, we kinda made amends (or bribed) with him by treating him on Friday and also Sunday. Parents guilt. Hehehe
Actually we asked him to join us (he did in 2014 after all) but he declined.
After work on Friday, we head off to IOI City Mall in Putrajaya and as Son wanted to eat at Sukiya, Sukiya it was for dinner.
Then we spent time until closing time walking about and getting stuff for him - snacks, drinks and stuff for the weekend.

He was a good boy and went to have a haircut on Saturday himself. He even did some chores!

I guess it is rather nice to have the parents away occasionally, even though he still have his uncle watching him at home. ^^
For Sunday, a treat of Subway meatball sandwich and some pearl tea at Chatime.

We'll be helping out at Bukit Kutu for the first of the Highlander Series Run on Friday night and Saturday morning. I'm thinking of asking him to tag along but I think most probably he'll rather spend the Friday night at his uncle's place. Huhuhu


  1. Didn't drink pearl tea for a long time already, me trying to control my diet...

  2. the young man is now grown up and i guess he will also enjoy some me-time without the parents.. hehehe!!

    look, he went for a hair cut himself and did some chores at home.. good boy!!

    1. Yalah... Teenagers sure like a bit of time without parents. Hihi

  3. If me, I don't even want uncle watching. Leave me alone!!! Hehehe...

  4. Wah! Your son has got good taste! I could eat at Sukiya everyday for dinner. Yums.

  5. You guys seem to like Japanese food a lot. That's a good pick! xoxo

  6. I used to get bribed as a kid. I miss that. muahahahaha!!

  7. When your kid grows up, he will prefer not to tag along with you. He will want to go out with his friends.

    My son stopped going out with me many years ago. *sad*


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