Dayang Sarawak Corner In Presint 15

We knew that Dayang Sarawak Corner is opening another outlet in Putrajaya as we used the road that passes the shop lot where Dayang Sarawak is located everytime we head to PoJ for races in Putarajaya.

It was opened earlier this month and we finally made our visit for lunch one weekend after a short race route recce with RAUR race director. RAUR is a 12-hour ultra relay race which will be held on Saturday, May 12th 2018 in Taman Warisan Pertanian, Putrajaya.

It was after the route reccee and we actually stopped by Presint 15 to head to the vet there and decided to have lunch at Dayang Sarawak.
It was already lunch time so the outlet was already buzzing with diners.
Service was fast.
We sat down and we were quickly handed the menu. It only took a few minutes for our order to arrive.

For drinks, Hubby order Sirap Limau and I order Kedondong Asam Boi. My drink is rather sweet for my liking but by watering it down, I guess it is nice. But apart from it being too sweet for my taste, it was "pekat" and sour enough.
Hubby ordered Mee Kolok special.
I ordered Laksa Sarawak special.

What's the difference between a "biasa" and a "special". Size. Special is a bigger portion.


  1. aiks...i thought special means add more ingredients .

    am weird but if only your hubby's kolo mee ingredient can add to your sarawak laksa would be perfect. Not really fond of kolo mee

    1. Why must add kolo mee ingredients to the laksa? hahaha

  2. I love to eat Laksa Sarawak anytime. I would order extra large size!! LOL

  3. Nice food. I will sure order the special hee..hee...

  4. mee kolok daging and your sarawak laksa look delicious! I see that they have mee jawa on their menu. I would like to try that too.

    1. Ya, I also definitely want to try it too.

    2. Mee jawa is good but i think the one in sg besi is is the laksa

  5. The laksa gravy os whitish...too much dantan n less paste...the kedondong juice is superb...


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