Roadtrip! Taiping In A Few Hours

Bags all packed for our 2 days, 1 night trip to Taiping.

Camera batteries all charged.

Running gears all packed. Shoes in shoe bag. ^^

Who needs a proper luggage when one has all the bags from running events to use? Hahaha

Will be driving off to Taiping in a few hours and if all goes well and I'm having fun, there'll be no blog updates and you'll probably finally be spared from reading incessant FB updates from me for at least 36 hours! Phew, right? LOL

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy yourself, whatever your plans are.

And for Perakians, the Sultan of Perak's birthday is on Apr 19th.


  1. yay!!! Mak Glam, Pak Kura and Anak Bujang is conquering Taiping!!!

    errr, just a short 2D1N trip, don't need proper luggage but just backpack will do, furthermore you are driving, even can just campak your stuffs into the car boot!!

    enjoy your stay in Taiping.. and lucky me, I would have limited internet access these few days so probably won't be bothered by your incessant FB flooding, hehe!! :p

    have fun the Glam family!! :)

    1. Hope you're having fun with your trip too SK :-)

  2. all the best to you, Lina! post pictures of bukit Larut, my favorite hill.

  3. To tell the truth, I haven't been on a road trip. Always fascinated by the idea.

  4. sorry ah am here late...

    fuiyoh can see from FB your guys sure had loads of fun. Time all very tight leh. wanna meet other people there also no time leh.

    1. No time lah because we also tolong organiser on Saturday.


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