1 For 1 Standard Chartered Deal At Madam Kwan's

Friday is Nasi Bojari Day!

Why? Because for us holders of Standard Chartered Bank credit card, there is a 1 for 1 Nasi Bojari deal every Friday and will only end next year. Woohooo!
Hubby and Son's Nasi Bojari.

I already had it the week before so wasn't too keen at the idea of eating Nasi Bojari again. But OK lah, since the two boys already makan one and get one free. 
My choice was the assam laksa instead.
 And we shared cendol among the three of us.
A bill that was supposed to be RM89.60 now reduced to RM59.70. Which is RM20 per pax. Good value, right?

Equally nice from my Standard Chartered credit card was getting cashback bonus because I ran in Standard Chartered KL Marathon. Imagine running 42km and got rewarded money from my credit card company! Happy wor!

Kinda set-off whatever annoyance I have with the daily calls their telemarketers made to me lah... For a while, at least. Hahaha


  1. Eh, that's a very good deal lah! I have been meaning to go Madam Kwan's to try the food.

    1. Ya, if got SC card or friends with SC card, that's a great deal.

  2. This is unbelievably a fantastic deal and last till next year!!! Can eat them unlimited times till 2018?
    Madam Kwan's standard has been good since Day 01.

    1. Yes, you can makan Nasi Bojari lunch & dinner every Friday and pay for one for 2 plates. Lol


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