Besraya Duo Highway Challenge - 1st of Two

This is one of two highway runs that I signed up - for the IJM Allianz Duo Highway Challenge. The first, the one I did earlier was the Besraya Highway Challenge and I'll be doing the NPE Highway Challenge on Sep 10th.

This time, I took GrabTaxi from my house to the race venue and I arrived my drop-off point at Viva Home 15 minutes later. Easy!

Then it was just a case of following the crowd to the race village about 750m away.
Approaching the start line which was located at Plaza Tol Loke Yew and on towards the race village farther up.

Since I arrived so early, I lepak-lepaked, ate my Moolabar and just walk around checking the booths.

Flag-off was at 6:34 (my watch). 
By 6:15 runners were already lining up at the start line. I suppose the Start "box" acted as timing scanner or something as there were no timing mat seen there. 
It was  human traffic jam for the first 3K or so, and many times we were reduced to walking. I wasn't too bothered about it as I just wanted to enjoy the rute, have fun and maybe take some photos.

It was perhaps at KM4 that we started to merge with the 6K runners but the congestion wasn't as bad as I had expected. So those who wanted to run could run and those who wants to enjoy, could do so too.

There were complaints about smell from rubbish collection center (or was it recycling center) and also sewerage but I didn't really have any issues with the route.

It was friendly - not totally flat but not hilly either.

With the elevated highway totally closed-off for the run, it was sure nice to enjoy the route in peace. I LOVE IT!
The organiser had put a timing clock halfway through the route.

You see how relaxed I was. Halfway point and I did 55minutes! Terrible. Hahaha
From the elevated section of the highway, looking down. The ones on the right hand side of the photo had maybe 2K more to go?
There were a few u-turns in the route and the most fun part of having u-turn sections is bumping into faster friends on the other side.

These fellas ran from their home earlier (about 5K?) and then continued with the 13K at Besraya Highway Challenge.
The point where 6K and 13K runners split up. 6K runners just need to run straight and they're almost home free. So jeles. Hahaha
 The route, map. We ran and conquered the highway. Yeeha!

We passed by Taman Pudu Ulu (which one of my running friends use for his training) and I was impressed at the look of the park. One day must go there and check out the park lah...
The "finisher" tee for 13K runners. I really sighed with relief when I saw others wore it (before I went and collect mine) because it didn't mention the distance and it didn't mention the tee as a finisher tee.

All in all a great morning for me. I had a fun run. Met with friends. Ran with no pressure. And I dunno, I like the route. Damn relax. ^^!


  1. always a pleasure reading your race recap ;)

  2. It did seemed like a fun race. Everyone looked relax and enjoying themselves.

    1. Ya, it was fun. Lalu tol no need pay. Haha

  3. Who's your friend that runs at Pudu Ulu eh? 😁


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