Nasi Lemak Pancake Anyone?

I went to a Tayaria Run Tea Session earlier, with Tayaria rep and also Quill City Mall rep at where else? Quill City Mall, of course!

It was a great, informal session between the reps and also a few running bloggers and we got to know more about the upcoming Tayaria Run which will be happening on Sunday, Oct 8th 2017. 

There will be two categories in the run, 10K & 5K and more details about the run can be found at Checkpoint Spot website. I'll share more info about the run soon!

Anyhoo, so here we are, at Pancake House and someone couldn't resist and try the new offering from Pancake House...
It's Pancake Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng, without the actual nasi! The rest of the nasi lemak components are intact, complete with that yummy telur goreng with soft yolk. 
I already had a heavy lunch earlier so I opted for their Cheese Pancake. Quite decent but too bad I was still full.
But I wouldn't say no to a cup of cappuccino!
And also "rasa" friend's cinnamon pancake. ^^

It was a great session and I'm excited to join the Tayaria Run in October. 
The flag-off will be in front of Quill City Mall which is something new. I heard the route will be quite nice and nostalgic (for experienced runners) and also it's quite easy to get to the start line via LRT or monorail. 

Some more, finishers of the run can get this "tayar" medal! Cute, right?

Again, thank you for the hospitality!

And guys, come la join! 

Remember, head to Checkpoint Spot website for registration details!


  1. Same here, i wouldn't said no to cappuccino, hehe...

  2. Aiyo, I wanna go back to Pancake House and wallop the banana and cinnamon pancake. The last time I was there was after a full lunch, yet so greedy and cannot finish my pancake :(

    1. That same thing happened to me that day. Huhu

  3. Nasi Lemak & pancake? Mmm..... that's interesting, dear! xoxo

    1. McD spore has nasi lemak burger. 😬


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