P.S.P King Of Forest At Taman Rimba Bukit Kerinchi

Sunday morning saw us heading to Pantai Sentral Park nearby Bukit Kerinchi for a trail run!

Seriously, after all these years, I've never really ventured to the area other than the old Kerinchi Flats which are now developed and poshly called Bangsar South...hur hur

The event was P.S.P. King of Forest Trail run and it was flagged off at IJM's ICE Gallery, and runners ventured into Taman Rimba Kerinchi and ran towards Bukit Gasing before returning back to the ICE Gallery.

The participants were capped to 500 runners for Wave 1 (7.2K category), 300 runners for Wave 2 (7.2K category). There was also a 5K fun run category which we registered ourselves into. 

We thought, might as well just enjoy the trail instead of suffering an extra 2K if we joined the 7K category. Hahaha
 Flag-off for Wave 1.
 Flag-off for Wave 2.
Flag-off for 5K fun run.
It was good that the numbers were capped and with Wave Start as it did got congested along the route. But no biggie. Just take time and enjoy nature lah. Only thing, perhaps pity the podium runners who had to start in Wave 2 as they needed to dodge all the human traffic (both from participants and also members of public enjoying the trail).
Participants ran on tarmac for the first 700m or so, which sort of served as warm-up before entering the trail section proper. Then, it's up all the way to the peak!
It was a bit more undulating on the return journey and it was peppered with little river crossings too. 

There were ample signages and marshalls were placed at sections and checkpoints. Only one water station was placed in the route, which runners saw going up to the peak and again, after returning (effectively making it a two WS stop lah...). The organiser adopted a bring-your-own-bottle concept for the run so runners had to bring their own water bottle/hydration pack which they could replenish at the WS.
One and a half hour later, Hubby finally made it to the finish line. So happy, because he appointed himself as sweeper for a group of runners. Enjoy la tu. Hahaha
Upon finishing, runners not only received their medal but breakfast too.

Got bananas, nasi lemak and Gardenia bread aplenty. There were still so much food available even after almost all runners had finished their run!

Apart from that, there were plenty of activities held at the ICE Gallery until late afternoon, lucky draws included.
Hubby and "his" group.

It was a pretty well organized event by CentriSoh Sales & Marketing and with the technical support from Pacemakers Malaysia.

Ample parking was available for participants with RELA assisting and although the road in front of the ICE Gallery wasn't closed off for the neighbourhood traffic, the traffic police and RELA members manning the junctions were hardworking and made sure runners were given priority to run and finish.


Hubby and I had a chance to view IJM's Pantai Sentral Park showroom at the ICE Gallery and boy, I have to admit, the thoughts of owning an apartment with walking distance to a trail is mighty enticing.

Pity we're not rich la! LOL

Anyways, kudos to everyone involved. If not for the event, I also didn't know that Taman Rimba Kerinchi is so nice.

Photos taken during the event can be viewed at Cik Arnab & En Kura-Kura Facebook page. Links :
Trail section
Album 1
Album 2
Album 3
Album 4

Enjoy! Do like our new Facebook page for future race photos & updates! Cheers!


  1. Looks like quite a good turnout!

  2. Your hubby looked so happy and gelak tak henti. I like his black stockings or was it yours?

    1. That's Uniqlo compression tights, Anay...


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