A Break From Raya Feasts

After a couple of days spent eating Hari Raya feasts, it was errrmmm... a relief to take a break and enjoyed something else.

And we decided to enjoy some Thai fare at Black Canyon, IOI Mall Putrajaya. It's a Thai fusion restaurant but we just wanted to eat Thai food.
And this Set promotion is quite a good deal for us. We chose Set C with basil chicken, stir fried vege and tomyum with fish head. 
They also have this Buy 1 Get 1 free matcha promotion which is great for my two green tea lovers.
 Iced green tea for the two boys.
Black Canyon prides itself on serving excellent coffee of the highest quality so coffee, I must drink. I ordered a cup of cappuccino and it was served together with a shot of jasmine tea and alphabet biscuits. ^^
 Our basil chicken with fried egg.

Quite nice even for a non-chicken lover like me.
 Stir fried vege in oyster sauce.
 And tom yum with fish head.

Pretty decent and I love the tom yum. It dis have a rather strong fishy taste which may be off-putting to some but as I said, pretty decent.

Wouldn't mind trying this again as it doesn't hurt my problematic tummy. Hahaha

Service was okay.

They did forgot to serve the two glasses of plain water that we ordered. But overall, OK lah.

Got free (and fast wi-fi) at the restaurant.


I still like Ben's and Plan B.'s coffee more. Heh.


  1. My eyes blink blink when i see the coffee, hehe...

  2. Honestly speaking there are so many Thai restaurants in Klang Valley and many cooked below standard. My late mother often enjoyed this Black Canyon as much as I do. They seem to keep their standard well in line with the franchise in Thailand. Yums!

    I always like their set meals which come with free bowl of tom yum. Yums!

    1. Wah! Good to know that. and glad my taste match Anay's standard. ^^


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