My July Running Calendar

My oh my. How fast time flies and it's already July! Gasp!

July marks the second half of the running/racing season and here are what/where you'll be seeing me for the month. ^^
  • 09.09.2017
    Hulu Langat Marathon
  • 16.07.2017
    P.S.P. King of Forest Trail Run
  • 22.07.2017
    Men's Health Women's Health Night Run
  • 23.07.2017
    PJ Half Marathon
  • 30.07.2017
    Besraya Highway Challenge
Only one of those listed is a marathon (which means 42.195km ya folks) and the rest were short or mid-distance running.

Gotta tell people a marathon IS 42km and not any races that we run. Wakaka

Taining for a November marathon has officially started for me although the registration for it has yet to open. And hopefully, I'll do better this time. Much better.


  1. I also felt that time flies so fast and it's July already.
    Hope you will enjoy all the coming runs. I think the Hulu Langat's venue is nice with abundance of greens and hills. I always dream that I could live a hut there.

    1. Anay please build your hut so we can visit you there 😬

    2. Let me know if your Tok has a vacant land for me to build my attap hut. I will advertise it on AirBnB but free for you lah.

    3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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