Tea Time At Tedboy Bakery

It was a couple of weeks back and I was on leave because I had a hair appointment (hair too crazy long and frizzy dy) and Hubby, out of the blue drove over to pick me up at the hair salon.

I had earlier gone to the place in SS23 by Grabcar which is pretty convenient as nobody would need to wait for me to finish. No need to see bored faces waiting for me also. Hahaha

Anyhoo, after we had lunch together, we went to Tedboy Bakery in Jaya One as Hubby wanted to redeem his Umobile freebies which was the Buy 1 Cake, free 1 Coffee or something...
The bakery did have their own promo at that time, the tea time special and also the Buy 1 Free 1 Cake. But the Umobile redemption more value for money lah. :P

So I ordered the Oreo Cheesecake and with it, a cup of cappuccino. 
 Look mighty good, right? ^^
Me, coffee and newly relaxed hair. Happy.



  1. Syioknya! Take leave to do hair and then makan2 with hubby. I need a haircut too but like so busy to go to the salon :(

    1. Yalah, me too. Wanna do appointment also took ages.

  2. The cake is tempting. Nice hair after pampering.

  3. Your hair looks happy and tamed too. Next time can colour brown and blond highlights sikit. Sure glam.

    Hey that cupcake is very cute and delicious looking.

    1. Hahaha dunwan colour la. Naturally ageing and see white hair better. LOL


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