A Relaxing Evening At Starbucks

The boys love to hang out at Starbucks, and with the free wi-fi they are able to play online games on their Nintendo DS Lite. For me, I usually just people watch or taking photos stealthily. (I have yet acquired the ease and confidence to take photos anywhere or everywhere).

My two boys, completely at home at Starbucks. Both, as you can see, had their own Nintendo DS Lite on hand. I know I should ask Zaini to allow me use his PSP to browse the internet there, but I know Zaini doesn't trust me with his stuff. (Well, some of his "stuff" he puts total trust in me, but that's a totally different matter) Ehem

Drinks: Zaini always went for the Green Tea Frappuccino and I will order anything that is on promotion a the moment. This time, I went for the Dark Cherry Mocha Frappuccino. Delish!

Zaini mentioned Contamination's name (he read about your obsession with Starbucks, you know) when we were in there, so here are some lousy shot of Starbucks stuff for you, Contamination. :-)


  1. lol, that's what i do too, watch people :)

  2. The Starbucks in Singapore are usually crowded and we seldom get to relax in there. :(

  3. @Liza,
    it's rather fun to watch people, right? :-) (and maybe gossip about them a little) LOL

    some of the outlets are crowded, like at KLCC or at MidValley Mall but the outlets near my home sometimes is not crowded (as most tend to sit outside while we like to sit inside). Just came back from Starbucks in Putrajaya as a matter of fact. It's quite quiet there today.

  4. Wah! Must be enjoying yourself at Starbucks! It's like your 2nd home! : )


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