Growing Pains

If I can stop my son from growing up, I would. I am selfish, I know but the thought of him growing year after year and leaving us saddens me.

He's 6 today. We are going to Sunway Lagoon to celebrate his birthday. A day of wet,wet fun today.

He is getting bigger, smarter and more self reliant. He doesn't need me to help him take his bath, he can put on his own clothes, and he doesn't even need me to log on and play his favourite online computer games. He knows how to talk back to me, even! Yeah,he's my young man already.

But I console myself becauseHe still holds my hand when we go out, and I cherish the moment he regards me as his protector. He still allows me to hug and kiss him, but NEVER, EVER in public. He still looks for me when he fell down or hurt himself and for that, I feel I am blessed. I love the fact that he is comfortable with me (and hubby too) to just park himself on us anytime and anywhere he likes. I love that he likes to kiss me (in privacy of our home/car) and he loves to give hugs for no reason.

I don't have that closeness with my parents when growing up (still don't, actually), and I am blessed to have a son who is affectionate and lovable.

Today, he is a year older. HAPPY BIRTHDAY dearest Raimie. No matter how you've grown and how far you go, you'll always be my son. Remember that.


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