Jam! Jam! Jam! Traffic Jam!

Where's the bread? LOL

Going back to my hometown for AidilAdha celebration, we were caught in a massive jam, all the way from KL to Raub. Imagine, a 2 hour trip turned to 4 and a half hours!

Of course for me & Raimie, we can while away the hours napping but poor Zaini had to drive (and to drive at 20km/h sure makes him suffer!)

Jam at MRR2

At Karak highway

Five more kilometres to Raub town. Took us half hour to inch forward 2 km!

Saw a few cars broke down but luckily there were no accidents on the road (not that we know of, anyway) we were travelling.

Condolence to the family of those killed in the bus accident in Tangkak.


  1. Drive carefully when you come back to KL

  2. @azlan,
    will do. How about you? Going anywhere for the Raya?

  3. hmm... thank god my trip back to north kawtim! 2.5 to 3 hours including makan time at tapah' rest stop only, as usual...

  4. @ku E,
    I guess you planned your journey right. :)

  5. nope..just lepak at my home..:)..this year x balik kg..

  6. Oh... you balik kampung. :)
    The jam looks horrible.

  7. @azlan,
    lepak @ home can save petrol. :)

    it was horrible. & pity hubby lah because he did all the driving. :D

  8. Oh, I hate to drive in a jam. Not only is it tiring, it also cause a lot of wear and tear to my car and not to mention burn a lot of petrol unnecessarily!


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