Lunch At Sunway Lagoon

Eating in Sunway Lagoon is sure an expensive affair. But, we got to eat after all that strenuous activities in the water.

Queuing for food

Three hot dogs, a cup of wedges and a bottle of mineral water = RM25.00

A somewhat dubious looking hot dogs especially Raimie's hot dog with pink colour ketchup. Frugality seems to be the keyword in food serving at Sunway Lagoon. :D
Mama! Stop taking my photos. I'm trying to eat! Hahaha

So thirsty


  1. OMG so expensive! Some more hot dogs look so tiny! But people still buy right? That's why they can charge so expensive!

  2. @foong,
    have to because no outside food is allowed in the park. And the hot dog is as cheap as it gets. Nasi goreng is RM6!


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