Our RM100 MPH Voucher

What did we do with our RM100 MPH Voucher that we got during the Nuffnang Friso Family Day Out event?

4 Books for Raimie and a book for me. I procrastinated in buying the Harry Potter book as I don't really fancy a hardcover book and much prefer paperback types. Lucky Nuffnang & Friso gave us the voucher so that I don't need to fork out RM46.95 for my book! :D

For parents out there - do you buy books for your children according to their age level or do you buy whatever your child like? Some books we bought for Raimie either were below his age level (flip book/picture books) or way above (his dinosaur encyclopedia) but as long as he is happy flipping through the books, we are not that fussed.

Just finished my Harry Potter's Deathly Hallows yesterday. I would've like to read the book in one sitting, but a 6 year old needs to be fed, you know! I'm looking forward to my second read this weekend. Psst... do you read your books over and over like I do?

And oh! After spending that RM100 at MPH, we got another RM5 voucher! Cool!


  1. Wow! So lucky get voucher to shop at MPH. I wish I have those vouchers too! : )

  2. @foong,
    I still got the RM5 voucher. Want or not? I'll post it to you. :)

  3. my kids have lots of book to read so at the moment... not buying anything..........so far thosse book came from their aunts

  4. @Yatie,
    lucky them. So, dah beli your buku resipi? :-)


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