Random Photos At Sunway Lagoon

Ticket counter

Dos and don'ts at the park

No more wristband to enter the park. They use scanner now for park entry. You have to pay RM10 deposit for this watch type thingy, and if you desire you can swap it for a real watch when you exit the theme park.

Lockers for rental. RM5 locker per opening or RM15 locker that we can use, open and close for a whole day. We went for the RM15 so that we can easily open and close our lockers. (Camera not waterproof and don't want to miss out any of the fun just because someone needs to hold the camera!)

Getting splashed

Lastly, your children's white cartoon underwear is not considered a swimwear for a reason. Please refrain from letting your kids splash away in the wet park in their underwear! Other kids and parents do not want to see the wet see-through underwear!


  1. hahah haiyaa.. they r just kid..lah lina..budak2 mandai bogel pun tak pe haha

  2. @lankapo,
    nak mandi bogel kat sungai belakang rumah memang takpe, tapi takkan mandi kat Sunway Lagoon tak bawak bathing suit kot. Tiket mahal takkan seluar dlm RM9.90 takleh beli? :D

  3. hahah.. tersepit kat celah vontot... i guess swimming attire is for kid's safety

  4. I see many kids wearing their underwear in swimming pools. That is a no-no.

  5. @yatie,
    of course the rules are for the safety of the users.

    some ppl just take this rule lightly not thinking why it is implemented. :(


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