A Day At Megakidz

Megakidz entrace. Used to have a big sign there, but I suppose they took it down for a change.

Earlier, it was a day out at Kizsports & Gym in One Utama for Raimie, on Friday we went to Megakidz at Mid Valley. I just thought to give Raimie a treat for the day. :-)

Some photos in Megakidz, most of them were taken by Raimie, my budding photographer and blogger.
The bounce castle. Raimie always had plenty of fun bouncing here
The toddler area

The play area. Socks are compulsory for both kids and parents in this area. So, don't forget your socks if you want to watch over your kids!

A party preparation in progress. There are two rooms for parties here.

Raimie and his newfound friend, Ryan

That spiraling slide is one of Raimie's favorite. At least now I don't need to follow him down that slide anymore like when he was younger.

A pose for mummy

The cafe area

What did I do now that I don't need to watch Raimie like a hawk during play time? Read! Managed to read my book again. And essentials to bring in: plenty of drinks and snacks. Even though there's a cafe, it is better to bring in your own food (cheaper, mah)
Lots of stuff in that bag of mine!


  1. ala you kat south point ke?? I kat centre point.. ada masa nanti boleh la lunch sama kan????

  2. @Yatie,
    OK saja. :-) Bukan South Point, South Tower. :D

  3. Oh, reading JK Rowling's book? : )

  4. wa wa wa... which was better? 1U ke MV? niih kena tanya your kid baru boleh taw.. haha!

    thnx for swinging by Kak Lina.. hee~~~

  5. @foong,
    I'm all for light reading. hehehe... Cannot read too intellectual stuff, takut brain explode. Muahaha

    dua-dua pun best for him. As long as got to play, kids will be happy one. :D Call me Kak Lina? Aiyoh, feel so old oredi!!!!

  6. pegi sini masa nuffnang buat parent bloger gathering. budak2 seronok lah.. hehe

    anak i kecik lagi tak bleh main lagi, seronok lah u bleh membaca dgn sng hati jeje

  7. @lankapo,
    anak kecik kena masuk tempat main & main sekali dengan dia lah gayanya. :-) Masa I dah berlalu. Dulu lenguh juga lutut merangkak ikut anak I. Hehehe

  8. If you are bringing your kids to Megakidz, don't bring your own food. Outside food and drinks are not allowed. I had the experience before. Since its a dayout, just spend a bit or arrange the time to leave and have a proper meal. Good Luck


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