Instant Noodle Adventure - Cooking Maggi Tomyam

We love Maggi Instant Noodle especially the Tomyam flavour. Of course eating them just by cooking the noodles without any addition or embellishment would be no fun (and not to mention bland).

Everyone has their own taste, just like us. Zaini likes to add garlic, shallots and taucu (salted soy beans) to his tomyam noodle and Raimie topped his noodle with furikake. Here's mine:

Instant noodle, an egg and wakame

Voila! My ready to eat instant noodle. Might look completely disgusting but I love it served this way.

It's been ages since I ate any other flavour of Maggi Instant Noodle, though.

Do you eat instant noodle? What's your favourite brand and flavour?


  1. I love Maggi Noodles... I like the one with the Chicken stock the best. :)

    If I'm back home, I usually eat it with boiled carrots and capsicums. Ah, I'm hungry now!!

  2. hey lina! i'm into maggi's tomyam flavour too.:D

  3. @Atif,
    sounds nice. :-)

    @Life Ramblings,
    aaahhh.. got geng. :D

  4. I try not to eat them as they are not healthy, but my favourite is Cintan Asam Laksa. Also I like my noodles to be chewy and not soggy so cannot cook too long : )

  5. I suka..maggi kari... lagi best kalau husband yang masak....
    but not too much cos I blh muntah cos of MSG....

  6. @foong,
    yes, don't eat them too often.

    hahaha... my hubby rela masak maggi sendiri sebab dia kata I masak tak best. :(
    tapi memang, lepas makan, sure tekak kering semacam kan... tapi still kadang-kadang rasa nak makan juga.

  7. My favourite brand is Myojo. I like its Prawn and Chicken flavoured soup packs. I have been eating its noodles since I was in Primary one. :)

  8. @ECL,
    haven't seen Myojo here for ages! So Myojo and you go a long way back, eh? :-P


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