Lunch With Gal Pals At My Toast

I rarely eat out during lunch, prefering to tapau (take-away) and eat in the comfort of my own desk (so that I can both eat, surf internet and Entrecard drop at the same time).

Today, I decided to go out for lunch for a change - and had lunch at My Toast. Nowadays, places reminiscent of old style kopitiam seemed to be the order of the day, and this place is no different. (except for the part that the price is on par with Little Penang Cafe and the likes).

Nissin noodle with chicken curry for these two ladies. Small portion. Their comments? It's Maggi Mee! (Which I find hilarious because for me Nissin = instant noodle)

For the other three (me and the other gals) had curry mee. No cockles in the curry mee :( I want cockles!!!


  1. I never eat nissin noodles because they are instant noodles! It's too expensive to eat instant noodles outside when I can cook it at home. Don't you agree?

  2. @foong,
    totally! I didn't even eat Mamak maggi goreng because of the same reason. :)


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