Food Garden At Gardens Mall

Had dinner at the newly opened food court at Gardens Mall called Food Garden. The place is quite spacious and have plenty of stalls with the usual selection of food court's food. What is interesting is that many of the stall were manned by (I think) the stall owners some of whom are foreigners cooking their native food.
The bright green seats. This food court is a food court with a view, although the view itself are not particularly spectacular. (Cannot compare with KLCC lah)

Another shot of the food court. Actually, no photography is allowed here. There is even a smoking ding area at the back of the food court for those who can't get away from their ciggies after their meal.

My meal - korean food. The stall was manned by a mother-daughter team who is of course, Korean. A tad more expensive than the one at Food Junction in MidValley because with the same price of RM9.90, I would've gotten a miso soup and a mug of tea at Food Junction. But I prefer this soon du bu jigae better and the rice is nicer here too.

At the moment the 10% discount card is given complimentary for diners with a receipt of RM8 and above.


  1. sedap tu...nama maklang pun lina..he..he..

  2. @maklang,
    uih, sama ka? boleh geng. Hehehe...
    banyaknya blog maklang - saya baca satu dulu ya. :-)

  3. hello! i just dropped EC here..hope to visit my sites take care!

  4. Lina... I kerja kat Midvalley... tapi tak pernah plak pi food garden.. kena pergi nih...

  5. @Gagay,
    will definitely check your sites out. :-)

    MidValley kat ne? Ofis I kat South Tower. Jiran lah kita ye?

  6. U know for strange reasons, I never took notice of this place everytime I walk pass. Thanks for sharing...a good place to check out the food :)

  7. @MBL,
    at the moment, it's quiet and definitely much more relaxing than Food Junction.
    Even my colleagues had no desire to check the place out (I think they equate Gardens = expensive) until We gave out the 10% discount card to them. :D

  8. Nice food. You make my mouth water...

  9. @YeoKeeHui,
    Don't drool too much.Hahaha...


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